Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tour de Cure 5k 2013

I'm just going to start off by warning you that I have a headache and I'm tired.  So this could be rambly and weird.  Pointless warning... I'm always rambly and weird.

This morning was the Tour de Cure for the American Diabetes Association.  I've never done this one before, unlike the other 5ks I have planned this year.  I know I've looked for it before, but this is the first time I've found one here, so maybe it's fairly new.  There are several options for the Tour de Cure, most of them being bike riding, up to 100 miles.  But there was a 5k Family Walk/Run, which is good because I don't own a bike.  I used to try to ride with my sister a few summers ago, but it's a lot harder than I remember it being as a child.

My sister, her friend, and I all registered.  My sister's friend is a runner, so she had planned to run the entire 5k.  My sister and I decided to do our C25k run, since we're on the same week.  

When I got there, if it hadn't been for the big sign saying it was the Tour de Cure, I would have thought I had gone to the wrong place.  There were not many people there at all.  When we got to the starting line, the guy said they had about 150 people register, but there were probably 30-40 of us that actually showed.  Which is kind of crazy because it's not a free race.  You pay for registration.  Most of the other charity races like the Heart Walk and MS walk are free registration.  You just are supposed to raise money.  I suck at raising money, so I just donate $25 or so when I register so I don't feel too bad.  But the Tour de Cure is a $25 registration fee (and you are supposed to raise money, but like I said... I suck at that).  I did get a tshirt and water bottle out of it, though.  But, the point of all that is that this is the smallest 5k I've ever been to.

And look what I discovered before the race...

Sorry about the bird poop, I didn't realize it was there until now...

The thingy on my ear bud fell off.  =(  I hate those ear buds anyway, it's the second time I've lost one of those (it came with 3 pair of whatever they are) and they come off inside my ear sometimes when I take them off.  That's not fun.  I replaced them later in the day.  Hopefully my new pair won't be so obnoxious.  I'm not sure if I'm going to wrap the cords like this pair.  It makes them a little heavy, which is a pain when you're running and they're flopping around.  But anyway, I only had one ear bud in, but that was OK because I had my sister to talk to anyway.  I did need to hear my app, though, so I couldn't do without.

We successfully completed our C25k!  =)  Our first 5 minute run was .42 miles!  All our running intervals combined, we ran about 1.25 miles!  Considering the 5k was actually short (2.75 miles), we came pretty close to running half the race!  Lots of exclamation marks in this paragraph!  It's exciting!

Afterwards, my sister found a ladybug...


That has nothing to do with anything.  Ladybugs are just cool.


There we are.  I interrupted her stretching to take the picture.  She's much more diligent about stretching than I am.  I know I need to do it more, I just don't.  

So.  There you have it.  Another thing crossed off my 37 List!



  1. Great work! And lovely ladybug.

    I've never seen "wrapped" earbud cords before. Is this an American thing, or just you? What is it for?

    1. It keeps them from getting tangled up. I saw it on different crafty websites a while back. There are different ways to do it, I crochet mine. =)



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