Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year....

Forget Christmas... the first few REAL days of Spring are the absolute best!  I have been dying for this for weeks.  I swear if it dips below 40 degrees again before next Fall, I'm going to just go on a rampage.

The end of the last week was pretty sucky.  I missed my Thursday appointment with my C25k app because Isabelle was ill (she's better now, by the way).  Friday was OK until Isabelle went from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde for the evening.  It was just stressful and it's that week of the month where I don't deal well with things anyway.  I woke up this morning and knew I needed some time to myself or today was going to be just awful.

When Bill woke up, he sent me off.  I had enough time to do one of two things... do my grocery shopping alone or hit the trails.  I dreaded the idea of having to take the kids grocery shopping, but I knew I needed to be outside.  So... to the park!

When I got there, I really just wanted to walk.  I was bummed over missing Thursday's C25k and knew I'd probably have to redo Week 3 because of it.  Honestly, I kind of wanted to just forget about running altogether.  But I have a goal, and being whiny and pouty over a missed workout is not going to get me to that goal.  So I started my C25k app.

I did really well.  On both 3 minute runs, I kept a good pace (so the treadmill has helped me!) and when I got to the "Oh, Lord, kill me know!" phase, I picked a spot in the distance and told myself I only had to make it that far.  And the interval was over before then both times.  

And you know what?  3 minutes of running is 1/4 mile!! (at my pace, anyway)  I can run a quarter of a mile without stopping!!!!   Just a few short weeks ago, I couldn't run a minute.  I just kept pushing myself, thinking, "You can do this, You HAVE to do this... after this week, you NEED to do this."  It was like flipping a big double bird at the past week... at all the discouragement I've felt the past two days.  You can knock me down, but I will get back up.

I'm not going into Week 4 having only done 2 days of Week 3, so I'll see how Tuesday goes.  I'll either just move to Week 4 after that, or finish out the week on Week 3.  It's no big deal to repeat.  I'm not going into this half-marathon in October with a "I have to run the whole thing" attitude.  Maybe I can, maybe I can't.  But I'll give it my best shot.

And, I was in a much, much, MUCH better mood after that.

How could I not be happy here?
The rest of the day was pretty much devoted to laundry and spending as much time outside as possible.

The girls asked if we could walk around the neighborhood.  We walked last night, too.  It's about a half mile loop that we walk.  They ran a little bit.  I just walked.  =)

They don't believe in sneakers.  

A few weeks ago, my parents moved to a new apartment and they no longer have to take care of their yard.  So they gave us their mower.  An electric mower.  Ooooh, fancy!  I never mow, because Bill actually enjoys it, but I really wanted to try Big Orange out.


OK, I don't know who thought "Hey, you know what would be great?  A mower with a cord!", but they need a pop upside the head.  How irritating!  Why doesn't it have a rechargeable battery?  That makes sense.  

I finished the yard, folded more laundry, then watched the girls play for a while... fed them... folded more laundry, watched them play... then they asked to go on another walk.  Well, why not?


That time we made two loops, so the girls got in 1.5 miles today!  I'm impressed!

I'm nice and tired, but my batteries have been recharged.  I feel more like I can take on the world again.  Tomorrow we're working on starting our garden.  =)

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  1. My C25K progress is non-existant, but I am about to start using an app that a friend recommended that tells you you have to start running because a zombie is chasing you... now that is motivation! Apparently it has zombie sound effects too, but you can still play your own music at the same time. Hopefully it will give me a boost.



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