Thursday, April 4, 2013

Frustrated, Incorporated

Tell me you've heard the song...  I swear, every time I'm feeling like this, that song pops up in my head.

I had a hard time finding that video because the song is called Misery, not Frustrated Incorporated.  LOL


The other day I was telling Bill that I was feeling like a crappy mother because the girls are pretty much back to eating crap all day, every day.  I just pretty much threw up my hands in despair, worn out by all the fits and tantrums and begging.  Not to mention that they'd get whatever they want from Bill anyway.  And Olivia would literally just not eat, and she was looking really awful because of it.  She's always been underweight, and it was disturbing to see her lose weight.

So, I need to make a plan to get everyone back on track.  A less abrupt method, something that will hopefully not lead to the same brick wall.

Today has left me feeling more desperate to make it happen, too.


That's my Isaboo.

This morning, she told me her stomach was hurting.  I just passed it off as her being tired... she was up early enough to see me in the morning, after all.  And she always says her tummy hurts when she's tired.  But when I picked them up from school today, she told me again that her tummy hurt.  I had a flashback of when she was in the hospital a year and a half ago.  

And sure enough, we got home and she was walking around hunched over from the pain, and crying.  I called her doctor's office to get an appointment, but they couldn't see her today.  I was afraid to wait, and I knew Olivia's doctor's office (they have different pediatricians... long story) usually had a walk-in clinic, so I called them to see if we could come in.  They told us to come on in.

The doctor, who we had never seen before, at first just told me she was probably just constipated.  Give her ibuprofen and miralax, she'll be fine.  Then I recounted the hospital story and told them about my husband's Crohn's, which was diagnosed at an unusually young age.  He decided to check her again, and said her inguinal lymph nodes are swollen.  He told me to go ahead with the meds, but also gave me his cell phone number and told me to call him if she got worse or started running a fever.

I did get her to bed tonight, but she's still definitely hurting.  We'll see if she can sleep through the night and how she is in the morning.

I told myself last time, that if it happened again that we'd go to a pediatric gastroenterologist, because they felt what happened last time was probably originally some kind of gastrointestinal infection that inflamed her lymph nodes in her abdomen.   And I may still make that appointment.

But honestly, I blame the crap she eats.  


Time to really get back to brass tacks.  I really am a firm believer in this:

Just need to practice what I preach... and enforce it with my family better.

ps... I really dislike the new embedding method with Pinterest.


  1. I cannot figure out how to work the 'embed a pin' on Pinterest since they changed it. It drives me nuts every time I've tried to work with it!

    I'm sorry your daughter is sick. Hope she gets to feeling better very soon!

  2. I had to take my daughter off chocolate for about 3 years after seeing a pediatrician and doing a food diary -- she would get stomach pains every time. This Easter is the first time she's been allowed non-white chocolate for a long time. No stomach pains, but big mood swings, even though she didn't have much!

    So yeah, I agree food can have a big impact on the little guys who don't have much body mass to spread it out on. Hope it all turns out ok.



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