Thursday, May 30, 2013

That was a first.

You know how some people are really afraid of storms?  Like standing by the window wringing their hands, whispering "Lordy, Lordy" kind of scared.  That's not me.  (That was my grandmother though, bless her soul)

Storms only bother me if they interfere with my electricity.

I have had friends who would be whimpering in the corner at the mention of a tornado watch, and be yelling at me when I'm calm as can be about it all.  I can't help it.  I've known people who have had their homes demolished by tornadoes.  I've been mere miles from the path of tornadoes.  But they just don't scare me.

However, I've become more cautious with children.  Where I never even bothered to pay attention to the weather people during storms, I will actually sit and listen to them to make sure we're safe.  And it always seems to happen after I put the kids to bed, and when Bill's at work, so usually I don't even take shelter for a warning - I'd have to wake the kids up and that's just something I avoid.

So, tonight the storms moved in.  I really didn't think much of it, but I used it as an excuse to skip the rec center tonight (bad me) using the reasoning that I would just do a workout at home (yeah, as if).  I put the girls to bed, had a couple of flash flood warnings sound on my phone, heard the sirens a few times (but they go off if there is a warning anywhere in the county) but really didn't think to even look at the weather until the power flickered a little.

I changed into my jammies and had this random thought that maybe I should have kept my bra on just in case.  Which is a really odd thought to have.  So I thought I should check the weather.  And what do you know?  A tornado warning for my area.  So I sat down to watch and see how close.  Pretty close.  Nothing confirmed, but the radar showed all the right stuff for one. (I'm no meteorologist.  It's just "stuff")

I paced back and forth from the computer to the girls' bedroom, debating waking them up.  What if that random thought was some sort of premonition?  When the weather chick was listing areas to take cover, and mentioned the fire station right down the road, I decided it was time.  Time to see how many of us can fit in the bathroom (our only room without windows or an outside wall).

Here's what I learned:

*** My bathroom is not big enough for 3 kids, their pillows and blankets, and me to fit inside comfortably.  Lucky Bill is at work or someone would have had to sit in the tub.

*** My kids are extremely hard to wake up.

*** Random thoughts are thankfully not premonitions.  No tornado.

Better safe than sorry, right?


  1. I didn't used to be paranoid about storms but recently I have been...I think it's because I grew up in south Texas, and didn't mind hurricanes, because they were predictable, but tornadoes are so random and they come out of nowhere!

    I'm also scared that my house is going to get hit by lightning and burn. :( I hate being scared, though, I used to love watching storms and now I just get stomach-aches from worry.

  2. Just the idea of tornadoes terrify me. They're just so sudden and unpredictable :P Glad random thoughts were not premonitions for you this time!! :)

    This line "I would just do a workout at home (yeah, as if)" cracked me up. Sooooooo me.



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