Saturday, August 31, 2013

(Almost) A Week of Gratitude

I said I was going to start keeping a gratitude list here, and I didn't follow through. So, here I am trying again...

Tuesday 8/27
  • Zoe's homework including instructions to give me a tight hug
  • A walk around the neighborhood before the girls got home
  • The girls being so excited to ride the bus home
  • Down days because they make appreciate the up days more
  • That Bill offered to take Isabelle to the doctor today
Wednesday 8/28
  • Misread signs
  • The Oatmeal's comic today, I laughed forever.
  • No homework!!!
  • Dancing spelling practice (whatever works, right?)
  • The girls feeling so proud because they got to walk home from the bus stop alone (I can see the bus stop from the porch, it's 2 houses down)
  • Being in a better mood today
Thursday 8/29
  • Miss Thelma's comment about Dr. L.  I haven't laughed like that in a looooooong time
  • That Dr. L didn't sneak up on me today.  He needs a bell or something.
  • That days when I feel really low, random people pop up to check on me out of the blue
  • My kids doing their homework without any nagging or crying.  It was like the heavens opened up and the angels were singing.
  • Firehouse on repeat all. day. long.
  • Isabelle's amazing memory for song lyrics
  • A slightly (very slightly) smaller electric bill this month
Friday 8/30
  • Sweet notes from Zoe's teacher
  • That Bill had the foresight to ask me take him some Gatorade so he doesn't get sick in the heat tonight
  • Friendly cashiers who think my kids are charming
  • Aunt Lynne.... best in-law ever (not that they're not all great, she just always makes my day, though)
  • A new "virtual" workout buddy
  • Feeling like myself again
  • Three day weekends =)
Saturday 8/31
  • Finishing up the laundry marathon before the girls went to bed
  • My laundry putter-upper, Zoe
  • That I have Monday off and can put off my long walk until then, because it will be a bit cooler than tomorrow
  • Snarky, sarcastic people
  • That my kids have stopped asking for dessert every night
  • The photo challenge because I really loved looking through my old pictures and remembering those times
  • The creativity of others

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