Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Currently 8/18

Current Book: I'm in the middle of Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, but my library loan for Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz came in and I only have 2 weeks to read it (and there's a hold list for it, so I can't renew it), so I'm focusing on that right now.  I've read it before, but before I read the newest Odd book, I want to reread them... I was a little confused when I read the last one because it had been so long since reading the older ones.  I still haven't finished Search inside Yourself, but it's due back at the library tomorrow and there's a hold list, so I can't renew it.  I may end up buying it. 

Current Music: Macklemore.  I can thank the girls' day camp for that.  Isabelle's been singing Thrift Store nonstop and I had to listen to it because all I knew was something about $20 in my pocket.  I actually like it, much to my surprise.  =)

Current Guilty Pleasure: Dozing off in the afternoon..

Current Nail Color:  I bought some silver polish for my toes, haven't made the time to paint them, though.

Current Drink:  I found some kombucha at Kroger yesterday.  That's exciting (and much closer than the other places that sell it)

Current Food: PBJ toast

Current Favorite Show:  I haven't watched TV this week, but I really want to sit down and catch up on Wilfred.

Current Wish List:  An "I believe in The Blerch" shirt
Current Needs:  A new ceiling fan in the kitchen... the light chain pulled out at the switch and it's dark in here...
Current Indulgence:  Diet Dr. Pepper

Current Blessing:  Realizing that there are "regulars" out on Sunday mornings on the trails and that they recognize me =)

Current Outfit:  Jean shorts and a henley from Old Navy

Current Excitement: First day of school tomorrow!

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