Saturday, August 17, 2013

And we have survived!

It's official.  Summer break is over!  This is the first summer that I haven't threatened to quit my job or drastically cut my hours to stay home with the kids.  No major disasters at all!  I'm happy, even if it means the kids are getting older...

I can't say that the summer went as planned, but it never does.  Walking Wednesdays only lasted a few weeks before the heat and whining won out.  The girls only went swimming once.  I haven't seen the rec center in weeks (but I'm still walking and trying to run, and starting to get back into working out at home).  Bridge books were abandoned pretty quickly.  I don't think the girls read more than a few books on their own.  Even so, it was a good summer.  Maybe one summer I can stick to a plan.

The new school year is like another New Year's.  New resolutions, new habits to try to form... and hopefully I'll do a good job of keeping them.  I've done my very best to get as organized as possible for this school year, and I'm determined to make it run as smoothly as possible.  I've even written up a schedule for how the afternoons and evenings will go.  Fingers crossed it helps.  =)

It's been a crazy week.  I feel like I've had very little down time.  Running here and there, trying to clean and declutter the house, tying up odds and ends before school starts.  

I took the girls to get haircuts the other day.  


Isabelle cried when I told her I wanted to get her hair trimmed.  Her hair grows so slowly and she's really wanted to grow it long.  I told her I wouldn't make her if it was going to upset her that much, but I suspected she'd want to once we got there.  And I was right.


I didn't expect her to want to cut it off, though.  I love it like this though.  Very Ramona-esque.  =)

We also had to go shoe shopping.  Ugh.  They're such girls.


We did have a little fun with it.  Bill hates these kind of shoes, so I had to send him the picture and tell him we bought some.  


We got these instead.  Do you know how hard it is to find girls' shoes that aren't glittery?  Impossible almost.  Ugh.  But I love that two of them went with the Converse-like shoes.  I couldn't get them to buy actual Converse, but close enough.

We had Open House on Friday.  Zoe has the same Kindergarten teacher that Olivia and Isabelle both had, and I would have been upset otherwise.  She's just amazing.  I had to hide behind some papers I was holding a few times... just taking Zoe to class for Open House made me choke up.

Isabelle has Olivia's teacher from last year, which is great, too.  

Olivia's teacher seems very sweet, so I have hopes that this will be a good year.  Better than last year, I hope.  I had hoped that her BFF was in a different class, but no such luck.  I know that sounds awful, I really think she'd do better if they weren't together all day.

That's about all that's been going on.  Hopefully soon I will find the time to sit down and tell you all about my mom's new dog...


Meet Mr. Farley.  

And I'll leave you with the cute little scene I discovered on my long distance walk/run last Sunday...


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