Sunday, February 15, 2009

#9 - Do flickr 365 day project

As I was looking through other people's 101 lists, I came across a few that mentioned the Flickr 365 day project. I was curious and looked it up. It's a group on Flickr where people take self-portraits of themselves everyday for a whole year. I thought, "That's kind of neat.. to see day by day how I see myself for a whole year." So... it's on my list.

I meant to start it last week, but I left my everyday camera at my parents' house last weekend. It's really not very easy to take a self-portrait with a beast as big as a DSLR, although my first self-portrait was taken with just that.

Here is a link to my 365 days set on Flickr: click here =) I'm going to have a list of links to various projects on the side shortly. Bear with me, I'm muddling my way through here. =)


  1. I too came across tonnes and tonnes of people with this on their lists, but just couldn't make the commitment. I'd be so annoyed with myself if I got to day 200, then missed one. At the moment I'm working on my floss every day for a month task, & I've had to restart 5 times :) on a roll now though. Good luck with your 365!!

  2. what a great idea! and you are so creative with your shots! Mine would likely all look the same, lol !



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