Monday, February 23, 2009

#23 - Have a date with Olivia once a month

Saturday morning was my date with Olivia. On the agenda: like with Isabelle, a hair cut and some shopping. Here she is all dolled up, posing for me before we left:

Her clothing choices tend to run a little eccentric.
Here I would like to hand out some free advice... never take a 4 year old drama queen clothes shopping. For the first time ever (and I wish I could say last) I heard the phrase, "But Mom, everyone else has one." She picked out a very pretty blue polka-dot Easter dress. She helped me pick out some equally froo-froo dresses for her sister. I was fine with that until she started in on all the other things she HAD to have. So I finally talked her into downgrading the dresses for more practical (and cheaper) dresses so she could have a pair of shoes. I managed to get away without the belt, bows, jelly gladiator sandals (who thought THOSE up?), and blue jumper that actually was too small even for Zoe. There were quite a few small fits and some threatening to just go home, but all in all it was fun.
Then we went to get her hair cut. She was not thrilled. The stylist didn't cut quite as much off as I planned, but I didn't want to press my luck with Olivia. I was lucky to get her to sit in the chair at all. Anything more than a trim probably would not have ended well.

Next Saturday: Zoe's date. I'm totally stumped as to what we'll do. She doesn't need a haircut. =) Well, she does need her bangs trimmed, but that's not worth a trip to the salon. What can I do with my little 13 month old?


  1. Awww that sounds so nice! Your girls must feel so special on dates with Mom! I love that! My girls enjoy those times too, but Phillip would prefer sharing a bowl of popcorn with me at home! lol hmmmm, Zoe? have you got a public indoor pool or an indoor play gym for toddlers you could take her to?

  2. I was gonna say a gym for toddlers too. It would be fun if you have like a gymboree, or a my gym nearby. It's a great idea to do dates. My DH has a date with our oldest to camp out in the living room. I think they are gonna have a blast!



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