Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine's Day Date

You would think that if I were crossing a date off of my list today, it would be with my husband, since it is Valentine's Day. But nope. No babysitter. So I decided to spend the morning with my Green Kanagroo, Izzy.

You'll have to excuse the quality of the photos. They were taken with my camera phone. I left my everyday camera at my parents' house last weekend and I don't get it back until tomorrow. I've been having withdrawals. And the DSLR is a bit overkill to take on a date =)

Isabelle made sure she was stylin' before we left this morning:

She wore those glasses all through Target, our first stop. She got to pick out new undies. Exciting, huh? LOL We got other things too, used up my $75 gift card and a little more. We got some stuff for the flower garden that is planned later on.

After that, we went to get her hair cut. She doesn't have much to work with because of a tragic scissor incident, but it was looking really scraggly.

The lady cutting her hair had purple hair. =) And she had recently gotten a tattoo and had bought some of that pain numbing Neosporin to put on it. Wimp. Izzy was a big girl and sat very still for her haircut.

After the haircut, we went to McD's and got a treat to reward her for being so good. Milk and an apple pie.

Then we did our grocery shopping and went home to prepare for a big day at the park with the whole family. Next week will be Olivia's date. She'll probably get a haircut too. Hers is too long.

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  1. Ugh, I have a haricut date in our future too but with Tuck I never know exactly what to expect. I think that's pretty much anything with Tuck though isn't it?



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