Thursday, January 27, 2011


This is what 100 pompoms stuffed into a gallon ziploc bag looks like:

100 pompoms
Along with a slightly demented-looking 6 year old...

I mentioned in my last post that Olivia's 100th day of school is creeping up and we have to make a hat with 100 items on it.  Olivia's first idea was googly eyes.  Which would have been really fun, but I was hoping to find something to do that wouldn't involve a trip to the store.  Not that we aren't there almost every day anyway, but I can dream...  We finally decided on pompoms.  I have lots of yarn and I even have pompom makers.  Why do I have pompom makers?  Because Hobby Lobby must pipe subliminal messages through the air encouraging me to buy something I don't really have a use for but MUST have no matter what.  I justified their purpose with this project though.  100 pompoms.  What was I thinking?

The first night I made 25 and my fingers were raw.  It seems all my bright, fun colors are Red Heart, which is made of sandpaper.  Or something like it anyway.  Rough stuff.  I wasn't sure how on earth I could make 75 more without a few bloody pompoms at the end (too gross?  sorry..).  Then I remembered the first aid tape and I taped up my fingers before beginning the second night.  I looked ridiculous, but my fingers were happy.  4 nights of wrapping and snipping and tying and we now have 100 pompoms.  And I didn't even have the urge to throw the pompom maker away after, which I was pretty sure would be the outcome after the first night.  Avoiding the yarn burn made a huge difference, that and the fact that I can knock out a pompom faster than anyone you know now.  I have it down to a science.  

Now I am in the process of creating the beanie to attach said pompoms to.  (I am fully aware of that hanging preposition, and despite my 9th grade English teacher's voice in my head, I am leaving it.)  (I'm really exhausted tonight.  In case you were wondering if I had started smoking crack or something)  I am more than a little sure that my kid's head is not 100 pompoms big, so I'm going to have to figure out how to deal with the extras.  It should be interesting....

It's barely 9pm.  I think I'm going to bed.  And for a night owl like me who can't manage to get in bed before 11pm most nights even though I have to get up at 4:30am, that says volumes about how tired I am today.

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  1. Did you ever get all the pompoms on a beanie? I bet that was neat. Coolest hat of the day! Right?



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