Friday, January 7, 2011

They didn't lose their marbles...

All of them anyway.

Looks like we get to go get ice cream tomorrow!

We're trying out a new system to try to get the girls to behave a little better.  They start out at the beginning of the week with a jar of marbles and if they break a rule, they lose marbles.  At the end of the week, if they haven't lost all their marbles, they get a reward.  This week's reward is a trip to the ice cream shop.  Anyone who really knows my girls can probably guess that Isabelle's jar is in the middle.  She's a tough nut...  Our biggest issue this week was that we are trying to keep them out of our bed at night (and still sleep).  It's been a rough week in that department.  The first few nights, they would get up and go watch TV since they couldn't get into our bedroom.  I had to hide the TV remote and lock the playroom and threaten to take all of their marbles before I finally had a full night of sleep.  I know it will still take some time before they are used to it,  I'm trying to be patient.  Exhausted Mommy isn't naturally patient though...

I'm thinking we might change a few things up for the next week.  Maybe have them earn their marbles, but lose them if they break a rule.  It's not a perfect system just yet.  And I need to come up with a reward for next week.  I don't mind splurging on movies or ice cream every so often, but we can't do that every week.  And I think we need a big huge reward after so many consecutive nights of sleeping in their room.  Like maybe bunk beds.  They really want bunk beds, but I have two reservations.... the first being my fear that they'll fall and break something (their father broke his collarbone falling out of a bunkbed) and the second is knowing that they'll fight over who gets the top bunk.  Well, there's the third... the fact that there are 3 of them and only 2 beds.  Someone will get a normal bed and they will not be happy.  I'll figure it out somehow. 

One a different, but not really all that different note, I think I've decided what my first One Little Change will be...

I am going to make sure I sit down and read to the girls every day.  At least 2 books, and not just at bedtime.  All 4 of us love books, and I do love to read to them.  But some days I wait until bedtime and the girls are just too wound up or I'm to worn out to really get into it and I either speed read the shortest book I can find or skip story-time altogether. 

Tonight the girls started getting a little wild about 6pm, which isn't unusual for them.  They start to get tired and lose their minds.  =)  Daddy was getting upset at the noise and running, and I wasn't in the mood to have one more person adding to the chaos, so I decided to set down my crocheting and just declare Story Time.  The girls ran to get me about 10 books (not exaggerating) and piled up on the couch with me.  Isabelle got antsy after about 3 books and wandered off to play, but the other two sat through about 6 before the UPS guy dropped off a package and we got totally derailed.  Luckily he had delivered a puzzle I ordered for them.  They adore floor puzzles.  I haven't had a lot of luck with smaller puzzles with them.  I think it's that the floor puzzles are big enough for all three of them to work on it at once. 

But, back to my point... Story Time did calm the Wild Ones for a bit.  It definitely needs to be a ritual around here.

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  1. ooh what a great change. i think i might be adding this to one of my months this coming year. thanks for linking up!



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