Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ice cream, anyone?

As I mentioned before, this week's reward for the girls not losing all their marbles was a trip to the ice cream shop.  We have a fairly new place in town called Scrumdiliumptious.  Try saying that 10 times fast.  Heck, try typing it.  It's a cute little shop, with a combination theme of Harry Potter and Willy Wonka.  They had one of the Harry Potter movies playing and the girls were just entranced.  They're not really old enough for Harry Potter and it kind of freaked the girls out, but not bad enough to need to do something about it.

ice cream anyone?
So much ice cream, so little time...

Isabelle and Zoe got Bubble Gum ice cream, which I found really disgusting.  First of all, I'm not a fan of blue food.  And secondly, ice cream shouldn't be bubble gum flavored, in my opinion.
ice cream anyone?
 Isabelle disagrees...

Olivia had chocolate with M&Ms.  It really bothers Bill that Olivia's pronunciation of M&Ms is more like "enemas."
ice cream anyone?
Whatever you call it, it's good.

I behaved and just had a single cup of espresso chip.  Bill had a monster concoction called Augustus Galoop or something like that.  It looked really good.
ice cream anyone?
Better than blue ice cream anyway. 
After getting the girls all sugared up, we did something that normally induces sheer terror in Isabelle...

ice cream anyone?
Workin' at the carwash.....

She loved it though.  In fact, I think it was actually her idea.  Bill pretended the carwash was a whale and we were swallowed by it.  And, because my family is gross, we traveled through the intestines and eventually got pooped out at the end.  Yeah...

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