Sunday, January 16, 2011

This week's change...

First of all, last week's change of reading to the girls more was not perfect, but much better.  Aside from tonight, when we were out and about and got home late and they were asleep almost before I turned out the light... Other than that, I tried to make sure that if I didn't read to them earlier in the day that I didn't skimp at bedtime.  Olivia even brought me a few books through out the week to read to me.  Books that we have, not books from school.  I have to admit that I do struggle with being patient when she gets stumped by a word because she goes from being so proud and confident to a very whiny "I can't do it" in 2 seconds flat.  I am trying though.

This week's change was inspired by my last post.  We have a lot of changes that need to be made in regards to just leading a healthier life and doing it one step at a time is definitely going to be the best way to go.  So - after dinner, the TV goes off and the music goes on and we dance.  Physical activity for all (except Daddy, who leaves for work right after dinner)... less TV (Olivia is most definitely an addict)... and good  Mommy and kiddo time.  And maybe we'll move straight from dance time to story time.  Try to build up to a much more structured and productive evening routine, instead of the chaos we have going on normally. 


  1. When Olivia's reading and gets to a word she doesn't know, instead of saying, "Sound it out", say, "What's the beginning sound (or letter)... Put that sound in your mouth... and stretch the word out..."

    Also, look at the pictures for clues.

    And ask what would make sense. Praise her for choosing a word that would make sense, even if it's the wrong word.

    While you're reading, predict what might happen next (even if she's read the book before).

    And sometimes it's nice to take turns. You read a page, she reads a page.

  2. we love dance parties! what a great way to become more active in a fun and engaging manner.



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