Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fun Weekend

We've had a very good weekend here.  The girls earned their reward this weekend and we went bowling.  They've been before, but I don't think they remember it.  Zoe was just a tiny baby and Izzy didn't bowl, if I remember.  They're pretty good little bowlers.  Olivia got a 93.  There are times that I can't even get a 93.  Bill accused me of using the bumpers to my advantage (we didn't know how to make them go up and down so we just left them up), and while I admit that they did come in handy, I swear I never aimed for them.  It's bowling, not pool.  =)

 The girls called them "clown shoes" (and they color coordinated their shoes to the squares for the picture... )

 My Hurculean children carried 10 lb balls by themselves.  This one was only 6 lbs, but they preferred the 10lb ball.

 The ramps are awesome

 Bill wanted to try just letting Olivia push the ball, despite my objections.

 This is not an action shot.  It's the ball dead on the lane.  I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying "I told you so."

Afterwards, we went out to eat.  In a real restaurant.  We haven't tried this in quite some time.  I think the last time we tried, Bill lost his temper with the kids, I lost my temper with him, we left without eating, and I almost left him in the parking lot.  This time was much, much better.  The girls behaved beautifully and Bill never once had to wonder how he'd get home.  ;)

I did get tired of one thing... the bathroom.  I had made 6 visits to the bathroom with the kids and finally begged Bill to take Izzy the last time she asked to go.  My kids love public restrooms.  We can't go anywhere in public without a visit to the potty.  Even if they just went.  It drives me insane.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day.  I don't think Olivia got a good night of sleep, though, because I honestly don't think I had one conversation with her that didn't involve her whining or crying.  

Zoe has become a little artist lately.  At any given time, you will find her with a coloring book and a crayon (just one..) or a notebook and pen and she just sits and colors.  She's my calmest child by far, and she's usually content to sit alone and chill.  Her sisters give her some pretty strong competition in the attention department, so she let's them get the lion's share.  But today she found her way into some quiet time with me while I was folding laundry.  She just sat there on the bed with her coloring book and red marker and jabbered her little heart out.  By the time the laundry was folded she was red-spotted all over... like a true artist.  

She's also my most polite child... she almost never forgets to say "thank you, Mommy" when I get her a drink.  Today she cracked me up by saying "Yes, my dear, sweet mother."  I decided today to work on manners this week.  Being polite earns you a marble and forgetting to use your manners will cost you a marble.  Olivia is especially bad about coming in the kitchen and just yelling "MILK!" and expecting me to jump up and get her a glass of milk.  There are way too many "I want"s and not enough "please"s.  

Sweet little Dodo

Hopefully this will be a nice, normal week this week.  No snow, no missing school, just our normal routine would be wonderful.

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