Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Waiting to go to sleep...

I love my children.  But they can drive me bonkers.  About once every two weeks or so, Isabelle wakes up right about the time I want to go to bed.  And she can't say why she is awake, she just has this high-pitched squealing cry she does that kind of sounds like a belt loose in an engine.  It sets my nerves off, which makes it a hard task to be comforting.  But I do my best.  Hopefully now that she has been hugged, kissed, and tucked in with a bear, she will be asleep again soon.  I try not to sound too aggravated - sometimes it's growing pains (she's the only one of my children who have them), sometimes it's her eczema flaring up and she's itchy (luckily it's not that tonight since we're out of cream), but tonight I think it was just a bad dream. 

So you know what?  I'm going to babble for a bit until I know it's safe to go pass out.

I opened my email this morning to see today's Living Social deal and got so excited.  It was a $30 coupon for $15 to the only true yarn shop in my area.  Yeah, I snatched that up.  I've never been there.  I normally shop at Hobby Lobby.  I'm not really into fancy yarn.  I'll pay for designer fabric sometimes, but I haven't felt the need to pay for designer yarn yet.  But I have a shawl I want to make and I need some lace weight yarn, which Hobby Lobby doesn't really carry.  The pattern actually calls for cotton thread, but I don't like how it feels or how it was working up and I checked on Ravelry to see what other people used and decided on lace weight instead.  So when I am on vacation the last week of this month, I'm going to take a trip across the river and check it out. 

I'm so ready for my vacation.  Or rather "staycation."  I don't like that word.  We are going to stay in a cabin at Crowley's Ridge over the first weekend, but that's the extent of our vacation plans.  I am mentally planning the week out though.  I'll have a Mommy/daughter date with each of the girls, hopefully a ME date, and, if I can get someone to watch the kids, a date with my honey.  Our 10 year anniversary of our first date is June 30th.  I think that deserves a celebration.

Want to hear how we met?  It's one of those things that if my kids ever, EVER do anything this stupid, I'll lock them up until they're gray-headed.  I was up one night, alone and bored while my roommates slept, and playing online.  I started chatting with this incredibly goofy guy and decided that we'd meet at Waffle House for coffee.  At like 2am.  By myself.  With a stranger I just met online.  With absolutely no one knowing I was doing it.  That's just about the definition of stupid right there.  But it was the best stupid idea I ever had.  I'm not quite sure why or how he's put up with me for 10 years and vice versa.  We are a good example of opposites attracting.  He likes country music, I like hard rock.  He's a farm boy, and I like having civilization outside my door.  He was a pot-smoking punk in high school, I was the straight-laced Valedictorian.  But we've found enough common ground to get by and we are both insane, so it works.  And we make gorgeous kids.  =)

I have finally gotten my groove back at the gym.  It's hard to get into going in the morning.  And by morning I'm talking 4am.  I have to be at work by 5:30am, and I have to go straight home to take care of the kids, so it's my only option.  But I've gone pretty steadily for the past 3 weeks and I feel better.  I've only dropped about 2 lbs so far, but the fact that I don't feel so sluggish makes up for it.  Gotta take care of Momma.  And get ready to go on a cruise in January.  ;) 

I'm trying to work more physical activity into my evenings with the girls.  It's kind of on hold for a few days while Mr. Bill fixes his truck, but Monday we went for a walk on the Big Dam Bridge (that's it's actual name - isn't it great?)  It kind of rained a bit, not enough to send us home, but enough for me to get this cute picture of my bugaboos...


I think it's safe to go to bed now.   I have a date with an elliptical machine in a few hours.

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