Monday, June 6, 2011

What on earth?

I get really tickled at the variety of things that family and friends ask me to make.  Sometimes it's normal, like a cell phone pouch or a cute little dress.  But sometimes it's just off the wall.

I made my older sister a sock monkey for her birthday.  She has asked for one for months, so I made her a blue sock monkey.  Just a plain ol' sock monkey.  Yesterday she asked me if she were to give me some gold lame if I could make her monkey a disco outfit.  And I still am not sure what is more strange to me... that she wants to make her monkey look like a 70s pimp or that she just so happens to have gold lame on hand.

Also, yesterday, Bill's aunt emailed me to see if I thought I could make some little South Park amigurumis for her oldest daughter for Christmas.  I had just happened upon a pattern for them days before, which was kind of odd, but that's not the weird part.  This is:

She also asked if I could make something like this for a coworker of hers.  What is that?  I said that I think I probably could, but it would be crochet instead of knit, because I don't know how to knit like that, nor do I really care to learn right now.  But still.... I'm not even sure who or what that is supposed to be.

***UPDATE***  Thanks to a friend of mine on facebook, we have determined that this is Michael Myers.  

So, I guess after I finish those sock monkey hats, you can find me making pimp outfits and serial killers.

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