Tuesday, September 6, 2011


After a day of discovering the horrors that live beneath the couch yesterday, it was time to just relax.

Yay for finally putting the slipcover back on the ugly floral couch.

We need a new remote.  It's pretty worn out.  I'm the only person in the house not addicted to it, but it was Big Brother night and I am addicted to that.  I know, reality shows are evil.  I don't care.  I don't really watch anything but reality shows, and only a handful of those.  I just don't have time.  But the few I watch give me an excuse to veg out on the couch for a few hours a week, with the crochet hook, of course.

I am beginning the 6th row of Zoe's afghan.  I like to make the flower centers first since they're the most complicated part, with the cluster and popcorn stitches involved.  There are 8 squares per row, but I have enough green squares made for two more rows, so I only needed 6 flowers for this row.  When this row is complete, I'll be halfway finished.  And since I think it's taken me about 3 months to get here, I don't see me beating the time it took me to make my Babette.  Maybe if I can get a row done a week, but I really have other things I'm going to have to concentrate on soon.

Like these South Park amigurumis that Bill's aunt has requested as a gift for one of her daughters:

Source: etsy.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

I keep letting them slip my mind, and I really need to go ahead and knock it out.

I also need to get to work on my boss's thank you gift.  I had just about decided to take the sewing option and make a bunch of matching travel accessories... passport cover, shoe bags, luggage tags, etc.... but my sewing machine started growling at me today.  That can't be good.  I'm going to try to give it a good cleaning and cross my fingers that it just was ticked off about me trying to sew corduroy.  Corduroy tends to be a bit linty and it's thick.  And my machine needs to be cleaned anyway.  I'm not a good sewing machine owner.  Hopefully it's just feeling neglected and doesn't need a doctor.  But if I do end up making her an afghan, it's going to have to take priority over Zoe's blanket since I'm just kind of slow on the afghan making.

I need to really concentrate on time management going into the holidays.  I'm so bad at balancing everything that needs to be done and something always suffers.  Usually the housework.  And after today, I really don't want to let that slide.  Seriously.  I never feared the Closet Monster or the Under The Bed Monster, but if I have to fight the Couch Monster again, you might as well just throw that straight jacket on me and toss me in the padded cell.

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  1. Have you tried changing the needle? A couple of times my machine has had crazy weird problems that I think can in no way be related to the needle. Then, after trying everything else, I change the needle and it fixes everything. Crazy sewing machines.



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