Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Weekend

Well, our last Saturday Family Fun Day didn't go as planned.  It actually didn't go at all.  I was feeling really yucky.  I'm better now, thank goodness.  A visit to the doctor is just not something I am feeling right now. 

I did have a pretty productive weekend though...

Green squares

All the green squares for Zoe's afghan are completed.  I also made all the centers for the last 12 pink squares.  Since I'm doing most of the work on this at work during lunch lately, I decided to just take it one color at a time for transportability's sake.  I'm making really good progress on this even as my second priority.

SGW progress

I also have all my centers finished for the Stained Glass Window afghan.  I have to do the corner motifs and then I'm stuck until I go get more black yarn.  The majority of the rest of it is black.

My landlords came by today to check on a problem we have with the floor and the landlady seemed a little shocked that I crochet.  I seem to forget sometimes that so many people think it's an "old lady" craft.  I see it all over the place online, but in my real life, I hardly know anyone who does it on a regular basis. 


And Olivia finally  lost that tooth on Saturday.  It was as traumatic as she could make it.  And even though Daddy was home, he refused to pull it, so it fell to me to do the deed.  He's just as squeamish about it as I am.  Olivia doesn't make it any easier.  She bit into something and it started bleeding again.  You would have thought I was performing mouth surgery without anesthetic with all the blood and screaming going on.  I seriously wanted to just throw up.  But I did it and managed to not show how freaked out about it I was myself.  All I know is that I hope she's the only one of the three who will be so dramatic about the whole thing.  Isabelle should start losing teeth soon and we'll be having teeth falling out left and right - I can't handle the freak out on a regular basis.


While I was feeling puny on Saturday, Bill did take the girls out to get a movie so that we could at least have a movie night.  On their way home, they pulled over and picked me some wildflowers.  How sweet is that?  Olivia and Zoe ran into the house and Olivia told me that Isabelle was bringing in a surprise for me and she was not going to tell me what it was.  Zoe piped up, "But it's going to be flowers."  She's the cutest.

So, aside from my body going on strike on Saturday, it was a good weekend.  I have been working on the pattern for the Spiderweb Beanie.  I have the actual pattern written out, but I need to finish the beanie for pictures. And I'm debating giving the finished hat away when I post the pattern.  I've never done a giveaway...  we shall see...

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  1. Oh, gorgeous! I'll have to keep an eye on your Stained Glass progress.



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