Monday, September 19, 2011

Woulda, coulda, shoulda....

Today was interim report day for Iz and Liv.  Olivia has straight A's.  I figured as much, seeing the work they are doing.  I'm worried about her getting really bored with it, to be honest.  Her teacher didn't request a conference, but I might email her just to kind of voice my concern over her needing to be challenged more and see what kind of suggestions her teacher has.  She seems to enjoy her homework more when it's things I haven't seen her do for the past two years.


Isabelle's report kind of made me feel bad.  She doesn't get grades, but her teacher did mention that she needs some work with her letters.  We sent Olivia to PreK, but didn't send Isabelle.  We assumed, incorrectly, that her Mother's Day Out teacher would teach her some of the basics... but she didn't and Isabelle couldn't even write her name the first day of Kindergarten.  Even Zoe is learning that already.  I really wish we had sent her to PreK now.  Or at least worked on it with her ourselves.  I know I shouldn't compare Isabelle to Olivia, but I just feel like she's so far behind where Olivia was at this time.  I know she'll catch up, she's definitely a smart cookie, but I still think she missed out on a huge advantage. 


Iz's teacher did request a conference.  She has an amazing teacher and I know she'll have all kinds of advice.  I'm interested in just hearing what she has to say about Izzy.... she had Olivia in her class last year and Isabelle is such a different child.  Definitely the spirited child of my three. 


But Daddy, upon hearing that Izzy was having trouble at school, scored mucho points when he went straight to the computer and looked up some online educational games for her to play.  He sat and helped her for a good little while.

Then he took them outside and built them a tree swing.

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