Thursday, September 22, 2011

Someone just decide for me, OK?

I am probably the most indecisive person I know.  I really don't know how I get anything done.  :::sigh:::

Let's revisit the drama around making a gift for my boss.  Or rather, let's not... let's just let it suffice that it took me a ridiculous amount of time to commit to the Stained Glass Window afghan.  Just keep that in mind as I tell this story, which is long and convoluted and probably really confusing.

As I have mentioned before, I take part of Zoe's afghan to work with me to work on at lunch.  It's my little stress-buster because there are parts of my job I dislike and I work with some really negative people.  It's nice to take a break and do something I really enjoy in peace and quiet (sometimes).  Because of this, my boss is quite familiar with the project.  She also crochets, but to my knowledge, she only does chevron baby blankets.  So she's pretty amazed at how this is all coming together - she probably didn't even know half the stitches I use existed.  She's told me before that she thinks it's gorgeous, and I just graciously accept the compliment and move on.

Today, I was eating lunch at my desk, and therefore not really able to crochet, so I was doing some preliminary planning to Olivia's afghan.  I think I have found the patterns that I want to use for Olivia and Isabelle's afghans. 

Olivia's.... but in different colors, of course

Isabelle's... in pretty much those colors

First of all, I am thinking of doing these two afghans at the same time.  Like I am with the SGW and Zoe's afghan.  I know they both want to get the next afghan and I can't decide who should get it, honestly.  I was doing Zoe's first because she doesn't have a twin-sized quilt from my sister yet.  Olivia does have one and my sister is working on Isabelle's.  So it's a toss up.  I think I will use the same basic color scheme for both, to simplify things.  My only problem is that if their afghans coordinate, it just bums me out a tiny bit that Zoe's doesn't.  Their afghans will be all loud and bright and hers is soft and pastel.  It's not that they have to all match, but it was just an "I wish I had thought of this sooner" kind of thing.

Anyway.. back to the story...

My boss asked me what I was doing while I was working on my plans for Olivia's and we talked about it for a minute.  Then she said again how much she loves Zoe's afghan and how she loves the colors (which is odd because I never pegged her for a pastel person).  Like I said, she's mentioned how much she likes it before, but today it kind of struck me in a "Man, I wish I had one like that" kind of way. 

And the wheels start turning...

Here's what we have:  an afghan for Zoe that doesn't match her sisters but my boss is in love with and an afghan she may or may not love but I love.

Why not give her Zoe's afghan, keep the SGW afghan, and make a different afghan for Zoe in the same color scheme as her sisters' afghans?  Zoe won't really care.  She thinks everything I make is the coolest thing ever... God bless 3 year olds.  =)

Am I crazy?  I am going to just finish both afghans up as planned and decide then.  Maybe I'll see if I can get a reaction to the SGW afghan... maybe be like, "hey look at this pattern, how gorgeous is this?" and see if I get a stronger reaction to that. 

Oh, and if I do give her Zoe's afghan, I already have a plan for her new one...

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  1. These blankets are beautiful! Do you know where I can get the pattern for the polka dot one? Thanks!



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