Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh, heavens, the drama!

So, tonight I was making some Buffalo Chicken bites, per my husband's request.  My hands are all eggy and floury and Panko-y.  I hear a panicked cry and Olivia comes running into the kitchen with a half-eaten cookie and blood coming out of her mouth.  "My tooth!  My tooth!  I bit my cookie and my wiggly tooth is really wiggly now!"

This is not excitement.  This is full-on freak out.

This tooth has been loose for going on 6 months now.  I'm not exaggerating one bit.  I checked... I had made her a tooth fairy door as soon as she told me it was loose and I uploaded the picture on March 31.  But she refuses to wiggle it.  I felt it that day... it really was loose.  I'm surprised her permanent tooth hasn't come in behind it as long as this has drawn out.

I can't deal with loose teeth.  It makes me really squeamish.  I lucked out on her first two teeth.... one came out in the morning when it was just Bill to deal with it and the other fell out at school.  I won't even keep their baby teeth as keepsakes for the girls.  That just grosses me out. 

But I try to keep my cool about it.  She's flipping out enough for both of us (and then some).  I wash my hands and get her some paper towels and assess the situation.  It is really wiggly, but not to the point that I can just pull it out easily.  I asked for help on facebook and was told to do the whole tie a string on her tooth and to a doorknob and shut the door.  I can't do that.  Are you crazy?  I did try another suggestion of sticky candy... I gave her some Bit O Honey. 

She told me she forgot how to bite down.

Drama.  I'm not making this up.

She told me to call her father.  (Like he's going to rush home from work to have her not let him touch her)

She told me to call her teacher and tell her she can't come to school tomorrow.  (Oh yes, I remember "loose teeth" on the list of things to keep your kid home from school for)

I can only imagine puberty with this child.  If they make gray hair dye, I need to just go get some and get this over with.

Due to the fact that I absolutely can't bring myself to pull this tooth and the fact that she absolutely won't wiggle it, she is now in bed with all of  her teeth still in her head.  Daddy can deal with it in the morning.

SGW progress
They kind of look like ugly potholders right now.  =)

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  1. What a great evening! Hahaha! You should have told her if she didn't wiggle it she was going to swallow it in her sleep then the toothfairy couldn't give her any money. I hope she looses her tooth without any "assistance" from you so you don't have to deal with it! I'm grossed out by teeth (and bones) too. By the way, hasn't the price of teeth gone up in recent years?



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