Friday, May 3, 2013

A test...

I've been thinking that since I started running that I need new shoes.  The shoes I have are nice... Saucony... and classified as running shoes, but they're just your basic off-the-shelf from the sports store shoes.  I bought them about the time I started training for the half-marathon, so they've got a lot of miles on them as well. I've been advised over and over that if I really want to run, I need to be fitted for shoes.

We've been short-staffed a work, and as a sort of compensation for having to take on extra duties, we've gotten a little "bonus" money each week.  I thought that since I actually have extra money, I should take advantage of it and go get new running shoes.

I had a vague idea of what would go on and that it would put me out of my comfort zone.  I don't like being touched by strangers (by people I know most of the time, either, to be honest) and I knew I'd have to run.  I also knew I'd have to do all of this and make sure my kids didn't tear the store down around us.  Sounds like fun.. let's go!

They were extremely nice there.  The guy measured my feet and watched me walk across the store.  He told me that because I have large feet (11.5... no joke) that I may have to go with a men's shoe, but he'd bring out what he could in women's first.  

The first pair was a sickly gray and lime green Nike.  I like gray and lime green, but it was just an odd shade of both.  He put them on and said "Let's go outside and run to see how they feel."

What?  I thought there'd be a treadmill off in the corner.  I have to go outside in the busy shopping center and run the sidewalk?  With my scrubs rolled up to my knees?  

Ummm.  OK, let's do this.

And I did.

I never would have even considered doing that a few months ago.  I would have just said, "Oh, these feel fine... I'm not running, thanks."  It was a huge test of my confidence.  I think I passed =)

The Nikes were OK.  He had me try a pair of Brooks next, repeat the process (yes, outside running the sidewalk, again), and they felt so much nicer.  He had 3 pair of men's shoes.  I tried on pair on but didn't like them as much as the Brooks.  The other 2 were bright fluorescent yellow.  I don't have to have "cute" running shoes, but I don't want to look like I'm working a safety crew.  I didn't even try them on.

I bought the Brooks.  Spent more than I've ever spent on a pair of shoes in my life.  That's not really saying much, I am not a shoe person.... I wear my sneakers and flip flops and rarely anything else. But I have learned that with sneakers, you get what you pay for.  So I was willing to invest in a really good pair of shoes.  Hopefully they'll last through this next half-marathon.  =)


  1. I invested in fitted shoes for my half marathon also. I got Brooks too and love them so much! Hope you enjoy yours, and they are good to your feet.

  2. I invested in Brooks as well, worth every penny!



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