Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Crayon Bomb Virtual 5k/10k

As you know, I just ran my first 5k!  Yay me! 

But that means I have no immediate goals, other than my half-marathon in October, and it seems so far away that it just doesn't feel all that pressing at the moment.  I actually have a little wiggle room before hard-core training, and that's really tempting me to "take it easy."

That's a bad thing.  My diet has been erratic at best lately, and I can't let my fitness slip.  I refuse to totally fall off the wagon.  So I thought it was time to make my Virtual 10k a concrete plan.

I've decided to make it a 5k/10k, because I would really LOVE for someone other than my sister and me to participate.  But I know that not everyone has any desire to run a 10k, ever.  So, should you chose to participate with us, you have the option of a 5k distance, as well.  

I have some more work to do, but this is the basic low-down.

So, without further ado.... 

The Crayon Bomb Virtual 5k/10k

August 17-24, 2013
any time, any place you choose within that 8 day time-frame!


5k (3.1miles) or 10k (6.2 miles) must be completed in one stretch

You may walk, run, skip, crawl, dance... whatever gets you to the finish line

You may do it outside or on a treadmill

My Fun Suggestion

Leave a Crayon Bomb at your "finish line", wherever that may be (or somewhere else if you're finish line is your own home)

I will have a printable bib for the race, and a printout of the Crayon Bomb passage if you choose to leave a Crayon Bomb.

I am hoping to have a finishers "medal" if you would like one.  It will be handmade...  nothing fancy, but I'm kind of excited about it. 

If I actually have interest from people, I might set up a Facebook group to keep track of you guys. 



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