Sunday, August 14, 2011

Don't knock it

When I was grocery shopping yesterday, I had the stuff for BLTs on my list and decided to splurge on Texas toast for them.  I don't always do that, because it's hard for us to finish off a loaf of it before it goes bad.  But when I saw the bread, I had a craving for French toast, and I like mine made with Texas toast.  So, despite the fact that Mr. Bill was out all night on call and would be sleeping through breakfast, I went ahead and made some.  It was actually better this way, because the way I eat my French toast grosses him out and it's a running commentary on the fact until I'm finished.

I like peanut butter on my French toast. 

He can somewhat handle the fact that I put peanut butter on my pancakes and waffles, but I guess it's the egg component of French toast that makes it especially nasty to him.

I don't care.  It's yummy.

I get it from my Daddy.  My dad eats some pretty bizarre stuff at times.  For example, he enjoys onion sandwiches.  I can't bring myself to try that, because I don't like raw onion and I always feel like I smell like an onion when I do eat it.  But yeah, slap some onion slices between some bread and my Daddy is happy.  He'll also roll a banana up in a slice of bread and eat that.  He salts his apples.  And he always puts peanut butter on waffles and pancakes and French toast.  He couldn't stand pancakes until someone introduced him to peanut butter as a topping.  He's taken those little cups of peanut butter to restaurants before.  I've only found a few people who admit to eating it like that, but I know we're not alone. 

Is there anything you like to eat that people think is strange or gross?


  1. I love to eat cucumbers with ketchup. My husband says it's gross. I also eat mayo with my fries and tots. I don't think peanut butter on French toast is that weird, I've never tried it though. But now I'm hungry for BLTs!

  2. I love to use cottage cheese as a dip. I use fritos with it. Yum! Comfort food, I tell ya!



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