Friday, August 5, 2011

Well, hello there!

Did you miss me?  Just nod and say yes even if you didn't.  ;)

We got back late, late last night from our trip to Florida.  We had an absolute blast.  A lot of water, a lot of sand, and way too much sun... I'm mobile at the moment only thanks to Solarcaine.  I'm really surprised my back isn't blistered, as badly as it was hurting before I got the Solarcaine.  I'm not a weenie when it comes to pain, so trust me when I say it hurts like crazy.  I really did use sunscreen on myself, but I didn't reapply it enough.  You lose track of time when you're having fun.  =)  Luckily I was better with the girls, although they did come home a little pink.  I feel terrible about that, but you don't realize you're burning until it's too late.

I'll get some pictures loaded so I can tell you all about our adventures with our friends Tina and Peanut and their two boys, Gabe and Isaiah.  It's great to have some locals to show you the best places to go.  Bill is already talking about our next trip to Florida, which will definitely be sooner than the almost 9 years it took us to get back there after our last trip.  We need to take advantage of having friends there while we can, before they get shipped off to another base.

We have one more week of summer left and then it's back to school for the girls.  To be honest, I'm ready for it.  The girls are definitely ready to be away from each other.  And I can start to pretend that it will start cooling down soon.  We were so lucky to be out of town last Wednesday... it was 114 degrees here in central AR.  From what I've heard it's the hottest it's been here since they started keeping records.  Ridiculously hot.  So glad I missed it.  I think I've been a pretty good sport this summer, not being all whiny about the heat and all, but I am so over it.

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  1. Thanks for the comment on my easy sun dress! I'm secretly scared to try the ready-done fabric was made for me! :) And (even though I'm a little biased) I think my little guy looks cute with his glasses! With me & my hubby being lazy was just a matter of time! :)



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