Tuesday, August 9, 2011

On my mind tonight

Or as a friend of mine likes to call posts like this... brain barf.

I found this picture on Pinterest today...

This is going to be me when I get old.  (for the record, I am totally coveting her turquoise jewelry.  hardcore)  I actually really look forward to getting old.  I plan on not giving a hoot what anyone thinks when I get old.  I will dress like a crazy person.  I will be strange and eccentric and a constant source of embarrassment to my kids and grandkids.  Because I can.  =)

Shortly after I found this picture and was thinking about all of this, I got a text from my best friend out of the blue.  It was a picture of the DVD of To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar.  What on earth does one have to do with the other?  We went to go see this movie when it was in the theater.  After it was over, and the credits were rolling, we heard some ladies cutting up in the back of the theater.  As we passed, we noticed that it was a pair of elderly ladies.  It was the funniest part of the evening... seeing these old ladies goofing off.  We vowed that we will be just like that when we get old. The movie is kind of a symbol to us that we'll still be friends when we are old and that we will just as crazy then as we were in high school.

And even though we've had some rough waters the past year or so, we apparently still have some kind of brain connection going on considering the timing of her sending me that picture right after I saw the first picture.

The other thing that has been on my mind is this developing dream I have of having some kind of fiber arts-related job.  The vague idea is to have something like a place where people can go to learn how to crochet or knit or spin...  and to hang out with other people.  Kind of a crocheting lounge.   It's all very vague right now.  I don't have a clue how to make that profitable.  I just love the idea of teaching people these "old lady" crafts.  It used to be something everyone knew how to do and now it's so rare for a younger person to know any of it.   I'd love to try to get high school kids interested in it.   And not just fiber arts, but sewing, too. I think it's important for people to learn how to make things, for the sense of accomplishment, the discipline, for just so many reasons, really.

Like I said, it's not any kind of concrete plan or anything.  I just keep dwelling on the quote I saw about the things you do in your spare time are what you should be doing for a living (sorry, I'm not digging up the actual quote right now).  Heaven knows I don't love what I do now for a living, and I don't see having an etsy shop or anything like that being profitable enough for me to actually make enough money to quit my job.  But I'll keep on dreaming and maybe some more things will gel in my head and I will come up with something.  Maybe I'll just be a crazy old lady pushing old lady crafts onto youngsters.  ;)

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  1. All of this post... Awesome! Seems we have a shared vision. I dream of having a little local yarn shop. I completely believe your work should be something you love. I have spent the last week at a job that totally sucked the life out of me. The most terrible part about that, I am self employed and use to love what I do but am so ready to move on. My encouragement to you, make plans and take tiny steps everyday in the direction you see yourself going. Your dreams can be your reality. :)



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