Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jenny Pinny

Well, 4 rows down on Zoe's blanket.  That's the 1/3 mark!  Yay me!  It might not take me 5 months to do this.  =)

1/3 of the way!

That's a good thing, since Olivia's already put her order in for her blanket.  I'm not sure she'll get what she wants, though.

She wants it to look like this.  Unfortunately for her, the pattern isn't in English.  Maybe I'll try to figure out something similar.  With bigger squares, preferrably.

My kids love Pinterest.  My husband likes it, too, despite the fact that he says he doesn't see the point in it.  It doesn't stop him from standing and looking over my shoulder at it or even browsing by himself if I leave it up.  The girls definitely like to look at all the pictures.  I keep an eye on them when they do... there are some things on there I'm not ready to explain to a 5 year old.  But for the most part, Pinterest is pretty clean, and they can't read swear words yet.  ;)

Yesterday, I was looking to find some ideas for school lunches, since the girls go back to school next week.  I found a lunch box for me...

Source: None via Jennifer on Pinterest

How funny would it be to take that to work, since I work in a surgery center?  I mean, we don't do transplants or anything, but it still cracks me up.

Olivia started looking at the stuff that came up with my search for lunch box ideas, and she is now fixated on fancy bento boxes.

Source: None via Cat on Pinterest

Like that's ever going to happen.  My crafty and artistic endeavors do not carry over into the kitchen.  They'll be lucky if I take cookie cutters to some cheese or their sandwiches.  I might be able to handle some homemade ice packs:

I think some cute colored ice packs would be much more fun than those blue blocks we have.  And we do have a vacuum sealer, so I don't have to worry about a ziplock popping open.

I'm so excited about school starting.  You would think I was the one going.  I was such a geek, I loved school.  Olivia is worried that her new teacher will be mean.  Isabelle is excited, but it's hard for me to even really accept that she's about to be in Kindergarten.  I don't know what I'll do in 2 years when Zoe starts. 

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