Sunday, October 2, 2011

Awesome weekend

I love October.  After December, it's my favorite month.  We always have so much going on in October that it's hard to fit it all in... the State Fair, pumpkin patch, Liv's birthday, Halloween.  It's usually my biggest photo-taking month. 

This month is looking like it will be no different.  It's only two days into the month and I've snapped over 300 photos, and none of our big events has even happened yet.  I'm so excited to see what the rest of the month will bring.

On Saturday, my best friend invited us to come join his family at the park.  I oh-so-reluctantly abandoned my laundry ;) and threw the girls into the van.  We went to a park we had never been to before.  It was really neat.  It's an older park, with tire swings, lots of slides, tunnels, odd looking swings with handlebars.... the girls were just in awe.


How bizarre is that?  It made me nervous because it was blacktop underneath, but the girls weren't really big enough to get them going so they lost interest quickly.  (Zoe was being pushed in that picture)


Isabelle and Abby... they are three weeks apart, Abby is older.  She's Zoe's size, though.  Little bitty thing.


The tunnels were fun, especially when they wanted to escape us and go to the other side of the park and us adults had to walk the long way around.


They found some sidewalk chalk and started decorating the tunnels.


You know how people always marry off their kids to their friends' kids?  These two are like that.  He's the sweetest kid and they've always been super great friends.  Olivia loves her some Gabe.

Today was our Family Fun Day.  They opened up a new pedestrian bridge this weekend at the Clinton Presidential Library.  I've always wanted to take the girls there because they have the most awesome little park full of steep hills.  So we went to go check out the bridge and do some hill-rolling.

004 - Copy

The new bridge is an old railroad bridge that has been renovated and converted into a walking bridge.  There are 4 (I think) pedestrian bridges crossing the river now.  I'm loving them.

011 - Copy

View from the bridge... that's downtown Little Rock.  It was a perfect day, if you can't tell. 


Izzy wasn't too keen on crossing the bridge, so I had to promise her a trip to the fountain in front of the library.


And then much rolling....


And belly-sliding on the steeper hills, was had by all (well, the kids anyway).

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! I'm a little jealous of your great hills! Little A isn't big enough for that yet though. In case you were wondering, the swing Zoe is on is a handicap swing for those who don't have the use of their legs. They would pump with their arms instead of their legs. If you were curious! ;-) I'm glad you had a good weekend!



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