Saturday, October 1, 2011

Little Obsession

There is a potholder pattern that I've been wanting to adapt into a beanie for a good little while now...

Stir Me Up Potholder

The past few days, for some reason it became a little bit of an obsession.  When I'm working on something with a deadline I seem to always need a quick project to break up the monotony.  Plus, I can't work on Olivia's presents while she's awake and I also needed an afghan break.  I love these afghans, but making squares can get a tad boring at times.

So, I dug into my yarn tote and picked out some colors and set to work.

Not entirely thrilled with the color combo, but it was just an experiment.
Making swirls is pretty fun.  Starting out is extremely fiddly and I don't have any stitch markers (I use scrap yarn to mark rows in amigurumi), but I managed without them.  Working with four strands of color meant that I had to be really careful to avoid a massive tangle-up and it was kind of annoying when my yellow yarn kept trying to run away from me, but the girls were nice enough to chase the ball and bring it back.  It's was like having a cat!  ;)

I want to make a candy cane colored one for Christmas, and maybe then I'll work up a pattern, but basically all you do is follow the potholder pattern until you feel it's big enough, then stop the increases and keep swirling away until it fits.  It makes me want to find other circular potholder patterns to see if I can turn them into hats.

It worked up really fast, but it's too small for my kids.  It took me a minute to get the math right in my head to figure out where I made my mistake, but I did, so I'll be able to make them one that will fit.  This one will probably go to the children's hospital or some other charity.

Luckily, one of the girls' teddy bears was willing to help me out as a model.

I was told it reminded someone of a hacky sack.

Thank you Pink Fuzzy Bear (if the stuffed animals around here have names, no one has let it slip around me) for your assistance.  You have been, by far, the easiest model.

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