Monday, June 18, 2012

A Picture Perfect Day

But I have no pictures.  I didn't think to bring my camera and I even forgot my phone. 

After I got off work, we headed out to the Toltec Mounds.  We've been there before... it's a nice little walk.  But they were closed.  Hmph.  The girls were ready to revolt, so we headed to the closest park, Willow Beach.  Which has no beach.  It's just a fishing pond, really, but so gorgeous. 

We headed to the playground and it was just the perfect temperature in the shade and there was a breeze blowing.  I laid down under a tree in the grass and just relaxed for a little bit.  I've been a bit frazzled lately and have been trying to find my peace.  That was definitely a good place to find it. 

Then we decided to walk around the pond.  It's a good size pond, and well kept.  We walked under a few willows and were greeted by swarms of dragonflies (my favorite animal/insect).  As we rounded the far end and headed back to the van, Bill and the girls decided to go out on a fishing pier to look at the water.  I don't like going out over the water, so I stayed back in the shade and watched.  There was a man fishing with two poles and after a few minutes, he offered to let the girls help him fish.  They were just so excited.  I sat there looking at the awesome blue sky and white puffy clouds... the sun glinting off of the water... the breeze was blowing... my family was having fun.  I couldn't have been much happier at that moment.  I was almost in tears with how perfect it was.

I told Bill that I wish we could just sell everything we have, get an RV, homeschool the kids, and just roam around finding all the perfect spots just like that.  He told me that wasn't very practical... how would we finance this adventure?... but it's still nice to dream about.  No one said dreams had to be practical.

I feel ready for big changes, you know?  I feel like I'm in a rut.  We've been having a really great time so far this summer after I get off work, but I just want more.  And I want less.  I want to just take all the junk in the house and throw it out.  Less toys, less clutter, less mess.  I want to take a week off of work and send Bill and the girls away and just purge and scrub the house.  I want some kind of fresh start (with them, of course). 

I am making one change.  I'm unplugging more from this stupid machine.  I found myself all in a frenzy the other night over some really stupid stuff.  Stuff that doesn't even involve me and I really don't even need to know about.  But checking Facebook all day, you are in other people's heads constantly.  Not to mention that the other night I realized I had literally spent almost 4 hours staring at a screen.  4 hours of my life just wasted.  So I made the decision to step back.  I can check it in the morning and I can have about 30 minutes in the evening on the computer and then I have to go live my life. 

I may not be blogging much, as a result.  Which I haven't been blogging an awful lot lately anyway.    I just need to focus.  Get things done and do something that doesn't get me all worked up for no good reason. 

And with that... I'm going to go read.  =)

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