Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Crafts with the Kids - Tie Dying

It just stands to reason that I would make sure to include some crafty activities for the girls this summer.  They enjoy it and we all know I do. 

Our first big project this summer was tie dying some tank tops.  I was a little unsure how well this would go over, especially with Zoe since she's only 4.  I bought a kit (50% off coupon!) and some little boy undershirts.  All in all, I spent about $16, and for 5 shirts, I figure that's not too bad.  We tie dyed 4 of them and I have something else in mind for the other.  A little experiment for later.

I pulled a few old tshirts out of the closet for clothing protection and we decided to go out in the backyard to do this on a tarp.  I'm crazy enough to play with dye with the girls, but not crazy enough to try it indoors.


The kit came with instructions on several different types of tie dye, which I thought was great.  And the bottles had the dye powder already in them, making for much less mess mixing than I had anticipated. 


Olivia and Zoe both chose the swirl method.  And the same 3 colors.  ;)


Isabelle chose the bull's eye method and used all the colors.


Mine was a pleated method.  Unfortunately, I don't have a finished picture of this, but trust me... it's a really cool effect.  I used black and blue, since they were the least popular colors ;)


The girls did very well.  They followed directions and were very patient.  I was very impressed.  We bagged the shirts up to sit for the recommended 6-8 hours and went about our business for the rest of the evening.  After we got home from Vacation Bible School, I rinsed them out (don't be a dummy like me and think you can do this without gloves... I'm still slightly tinged blue) and washed them twice then dried them.

Here are the results!


Isabelle's bull's eye.  I think it's really neat how the center looks like an eye.


Olivia's swirl.  We need to work on saturation next time, but I like it.


Zoe's swirl.  Not sure what's up with her face.  Crazy kid.


I think they did an excellent job!  They got a lot of nice comments today on them.  We ran into a few Sheriff's Deputies at dinner and they complimented the girls.  =)  And they were a hit at VBS tonight.


They want to do more, and I'm sure we will.  I bought 3 yards of white fabric and I'm thinking skirts next time.  Maybe some socks.  There's still a bunch of dye in the bottles (they loose their intensity after time, but they're still useable) and packets of more dye, so we could do this all summer.  LOL



  1. Ok. I love it! Where'd you get the kit?

    1. I got this one at JoAnns, but I've seen them even at Walmart. It's a Tulip kit and it's with the other dye products. This one was $20, but I had a 50% off one item coupon. There are different size kits, different colors, etc. =)

  2. Yay! We LOVE tie-dye! Your girls are so cute...I love how they pose! :)



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