Wednesday, July 24, 2013


About a month ago, I decided I needed to test my mommy material, and I planned a day stacked with various doctor's appointments for the girls.  A dentist appointment, a check up, and two eye exams.  This was yesterday.  As you can tell, I survived.  Somewhat intact.

The Dodo had a cavity to be filled, and that was first thing in the morning.  In and out in no time.

Then Isabelle had her 7 year check up (just 3 months late, I'm getting better! LOL).  Checking in was an ordeal.  They couldn't find her on the schedule.  As it turned out, someone had either changed her appointment without telling me or she got switcharoo-ed with someone else.... different doctor, different time (we were actually late to the "new" appointment), and instead of a wellness exam, they had her scheduled for an ADHD evaluation.  I straightened all that out, and then they asked me for money I had given them two weeks ago!  They searched their receipt books, found it and we finally got to see the doctor.  She's perfectly healthy, tall for her age, and a good weight for her height.  At least I have one that is a normal weight.  Over, under, normal... we have a variety.  =p

We then went to lunch, where things started going awry.  I looked at my phone and it was hard to see the screen.  My eyes started feeling funny and after a minute I realized what was happening... a migraine aura.  I have only had two previously.  I worried for a while that I wouldn't be able to drive home, with all these zig zagging lights in my vision, but it cleared up by the time we finished eating.  I took an Imitrex... it made me feel really crappy though.  Never got a headache.

We had a few hours before the eye exams, so I took us home and I had to go lay down for a while.  I felt better after that.

Off to the eye doctor, where we learned that Isabelle has great eyes, Zoe - not so much.  Just like Olivia, she has a lazy eye and she's farsighted.  And that means glasses.


Not only did Isabelle not get glasses, she had her eyes dilated, which she was NOT enjoying at all.

The girls were barely containing themselves at the eye doctor, and they just went nuts at home.  Screaming, fighting, running, jumping.  Good grief.

We went to pick up The Dodo's specs this afternoon.


I had them adjust Olivia's glasses - the optician didn't fit them to her head at all last time.  As the optician went to try to bend the earpiece, she broke it.  Luckily they had more of those frames in stock.  This is her third pair.  I think we picked the wrong frames.  But at least this pair fits her head.

Isabelle was really upset that she is now the only person in our house without glasses.  She felt very left out.  So I told her I could fix that.


Just a pair of cheap drug store reading glasses.  It took a hammer, pliers, and a screwdriver, but I somehow got the lenses out.  


And now she can be nerdy with the other two.

I had another migraine aura early this morning.  I took another Imitrex, felt like crap all day long.  But only a slight headache.  Then yet another aura this evening.  I didn't have any Imitrex this time.  I just took a few ibuprofen, and so far no headache, and I don't feel like crawling in a hole to die.  I'm not sure what's going on, and I'm sure I should make a doctor's appointment.  Hopefully it's just weather related or some other reasonably benign cause.


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