Monday, July 15, 2013

Wow, I suck.

Time for another edition of Family Fun Day!

First, Bill wanted to go to the Zoo.  But the zoo closes at 5pm and it just seemed like too much money for too little time.  Even though we probably wouldn't have stayed any longer, but it's the principle, you know.

The girls suggested the Museum of Discovery, but it's closed on Mondays.  Bummer.  It's expensive anyway.

Then Bill decided on mini golf.  We drove all the way out there, to discover they are closed on Mondays.  What is up with everything being closed on Mondays?

So, instead, we went bowling.

Funny, partly related story first...

Yesterday, I saw a sign for soccer sign ups.  So I asked Bill if he thought we should sign the girls up for soccer.  He asked them and texted me back:  "They say the only sports they want to play are cheerleading, air hockey, and bowling."

Needless to say, they were happy to go bowl, as it's one of their preferred sports.


They got ramps.  And later in the game, bumpers, once the lady came by to show us how to set the computer to put them up.  ;)  I probably shouldn't admit that half the game was played without bumpers for them.  You'll understand later.

The scoreboard kept scrolling a message about a Kids' Summer Bowling Camp.  Two weeks on Tuesday and Thursdays, from 3-4pm.  It starts tomorrow.  I went up to the counter to ask about it and found out that as long as we have coupons from Kids Bowl Free, the camp is free (with the exception of shoe rental).  Zoe's not actually old enough (it was 6-12), but since they weren't full, they decided it would be OK to make an exception for her.  They'll learn to throw the ball and by the end should be playing without bumpers.  


Isabelle tried throwing the ball instead of using the ramp.  It was hilarious, but surprisingly (and with the help of the bumpers), she did pretty well.  She would fall down every time, she put so much into it.  I wish I had a video of it.

Equally hilarious was how badly I was bowling.


I wish I could say I was just trying to make sure none of the girls were in last place.  I suck at bowling.  However, towards the end, I did get 2 strikes, pushing me past Olivia.  Her final score was 60... mine was 66.  Pathetic.

The girls are excited about Bowling Camp.  Hopefully they'll have fun.  I could probably use Bowling Camp myself, but I'm past the age limit.  ;)


They didn't have any cheerleading activities, but they got to play their other favorite sport, too. 

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