Monday, April 18, 2011

I hate glue guns

Finished Easter baskets

The Easter baskets are officially finished.  I don't know how to adequately express how much I love these things. 

Finished Easter baskets

Originally I was going to make some felt roses to put on them, but a friend of mine suggested a daisy from the center of a poncho she was making for her daughters.  I loved the idea (daisies are my favorite flower after all), but that flower was a bit too big and I didn't want to tax my brain to figure out how to shrink it.  I think the basic technique of the flower came from something I've done before, but I can't really remember where.  The curls for leaves were from here.

Finished Easter baskets

I thought trying to sew the flowers and leaves onto the super bulky yarn would be a pain, so I dug the glue gun out of the closet.  I needed a new stick, but... of course... all I could find were mini sticks that go to my evil glue gun that hates me.  It took me about 3 times as long as it should have to glue those puppies on because of that stupid gun.  I don't know why I haven't thrown that thing away yet.  I'm sure I'll stumble across the regular glue sticks tomorrow now that I don't need them anymore and forget to put them with the good glue gun and go through this all over again at a later date. 

Finished Easter baskets

Now that I have that finished, I have two projects to make for friends... one of which is long overdue.  Not that she really gave me any kind of time limit, I just feel bad that it has taken me months to do it.  I finally looked to see when Mother's Day is and realized that I need to get that in the works soon also.  And, on top of that, another friend wants me to make her a corset top with her brother-in-law's band's logo on it to wear to their shows.  And let me just tell you that no matter how I go about it, this logo will be the death of me.  Seriously... I don't know how to do it simpler than stenciling it and that's going to be some seriously tedious time with the Xacto.  It'll be a while before I get to it and maybe I'll be crazy enough by then to think I can do it.  =)

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