Monday, April 11, 2011

What to do... what to do...

Over the weekend, I managed to sew up all three of the girls' Easter dresses (minus the hems... although I did a good job estimating the length anyway).  I had already cut out the fabric earlier in the week, and it was a good thing, too.  A friend of  mine remembered an outfit I made a year ago for Isabelle's 4th birthday and asked if I could make something like it for her niece's birthday.  I came up with a really exciting idea, and wanted to scrap my Easter dress plans (again), BUT the fabric was already cut!  I actually think this new idea was why I was motivated to get the Easter dresses put together so quickly over the weekend - I want to make this new dress, but I won't allow myself until all my other projects are out of the way.  Self-discipline is such a nuisance.

Today, I was having the girls try the dresses on so I could sew the buttons on the straps and see where to hem them (I made them all the same length - the older two are fine to just get hemmed as is, but poor Zoe's losing about 5 inches off her dress.  Short little bug).  I looked at each girl and just felt disappointed.  I told myself to go simple but the dresses are so PLAIN.  Ugh.  Then I had a brain storm.  Bill, for some strange reason, bought me a sun hat over the weekend and it has a long green giraffe printed tie on it.  I told Izzy to pull it out of the hat and I tied it around her waist.  Voila!  We just need a simple little sash and the dress will be perfect.  Not a green giraffe printed sash (why green giraffe print?  I'm assuming he had no other option...).  I racked my brain a little more.  The dresses are three different colors - purple, hot pink, and a lighter pink.  I looked in my room, and on the top of my pile of things I won't throw away because I think I might possibly upcycle it, is the king sized green fitted sheet that I used before the bunk beds came to live with us.  I liked it, but I thought maybe it was too much.  So I sent this to my sister:


She says to go for it.

So I'm gonna.

I have a thing lately for spring green and bright flower colors.  You'll see when I make this other dress that I'm dying to make.

I also made my Momma some crocheted Mary Jane slippers for her birthday.  I don't have a picture because they look weird not on a foot and my feet are bigger than my mom's so I don't want to stretch them out.  I started out using wool yarn, because it was the nicest yarn I have and I had to frog Zoe's stocking for it (I don't feel bad about it - I had lost all interest in it.... I don't think I'm much of a knitter).  But I was afraid of her washing them and felting them.  So (hiding my face in shame) I bought yarn.  I got some cotton yarn instead.  I just wanted something nicer for my Mom than acrylic yarn.  =(  I really did need it... it couldn't wait until after Easter either, since her birthday is the day before Easter. 

I'm such a loser.  ;)  LOL

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  1. I wanna see the dresses! Sounds like you are still super busy crafting. And multi-talented too. :)



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