Tuesday, April 26, 2011

They say it's your birthday... na na na na na

Not you, silly.  Well, I guess it could be you.  So, Happy Birthday to you if it is.  But I'm talking about this little person here:


Want to know how old she is?

izzy's birthday

Despite the cake fiasco over the weekend, I managed to overcome my baking disability and crank out some of these to send to Mother's Day Out with her today...

izzy's birthday
Strawberry cupcakes, cream cheese icing and sprinkles!  Yummy.

And, by giving up precious hours of sleep, I managed to complete what she had asked me to make her for her birthday.  Seriously, I went to bed at 1am this morning and I get up at 4:30am for work.  I'm just a teeny, tiny bit exhausted today.

izzy's birthday
Why Wonder Woman?  I have no idea.

As you can tell, the stripes on her boots gave me trouble and by that time, I just didn't care anymore.  I had spent half an hour trying to embroider stars on her hot pants and was ready to stage a tragic accident of the Invisible Plane by that point.  Notice no stars on the pants.  Isabelle does not care.  Isabelle really has no clue who Wonder Woman even is.  She just thought that it looked cool.  

There will be more birthday goodness later on... she has a birthday party at the frozen yogurt place on Saturday.  Kids are actually coming this year.  I'm seriously unprepared. 

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  1. Hey Jennifer. So glad you liked the post. I loved the idea of using your last minute basket as a flower girl basket. Hope your little lady had the happiest birthday. What a luck girl to have a mama who makes such beautiful things. And is willing to sacrifice sleep to finish wonder woman in time. Very cute! :)



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