Thursday, April 7, 2011

Should have cleaned instead...

I'm not having the best of crafty days over here.  After the girls went to bed, I grabbed my sewing stuff and set out to put button holes on the pinafore I made over the weekend.  They're 3/4 inch buttons (according to the package - heaven forbid I should measure something)... yet I had to force them into my 1 inch button holes, and those puppies are not going to come back out.  Good thing the buttons don't have to really be functional.  I let Isabelle pick out the buttons and she picked some pink daisy-looking flowers that were a pain in the backside to sew on... my thread kept getting caught on the petals.  I swore.  A lot.  But at least that's done.

The dress I've been working on is another story.  My friend wants a bandana-style dress.  Basically just two rectangles of fabric sewn together with a tie at the neck.  How hard can that be?  Well, when I'm involved, it apparently becomes rocket science.  I'm afraid it will look a little mu-mu-ish, and don't want it to look really childish, so I keep trying different things to make it look grown up and chic and so far all I have a wad of fabric that I threw across the room in frustration.  I need to just back it up and go back to square one, go simple and leave it at that.  I mean, she asked for a bandana dress, not a prom dress.  It's like the girls' Easter dresses.... I've had no less than 6 different incarnations of them in my head and even though I'm determined to go simple, I just keep having all these ideas pop into my head to embellish on them.  No, Jennifer... I don't care if your friend will let you go play with her embroidery machine, you ARE NOT putting bunnies on the dress, even if Isabelle has insisted on them. 

And, you know, my plate is full of things I need to get done in the next two weeks.  Like, really full.  Easter dresses and presents for my mom and Isabelle, this hell-dress, birthday party stuff...  I only have so much time to devote to it between work and the kids and cleaning (which was sorely neglected today, all for two buttons...)  But I just agreed to make a dress for another friend.  Because I'm insane.

I honestly don't remember the last time I was bored.

Want to see what I've done with some of the paint chips?

Eek!  it turned out just like I wanted =)

I'm loving it.  Just have to make about 14 more. 

Yes, definitely insane.

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  1. What I would do for one day of boredom... Don't forget you still need a fairy garden and a crocheted lady bug. LOL...



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