Sunday, October 20, 2013

6 More Sleeps

Did you forget that I have a half-marathon coming up?  You may think I did since I haven't been talking about it non-stop like the first one, but I have not.  I've been doing my long walks every week (well, almost every week...) and today was my last one.  Saturday is the Soaring Wings Half-Marathon!

This has been a completely different experience training.  No mental barriers to knock down, in fact, I am not anxious or excited (yet) about it.  I do still have that "but I'm only walking it" mentality, probably because I did want to run this one.  I've gone from running it to running part of it to just walking.  I guess that's a big source of the almost-disappointment.  The first half-marathon was SUCH a big deal to me, and this one is like "meh".  Deep down I know it's still a big accomplishment running or walking.  But yes, yes, I am disappointed in myself for not hitting that goal of running it.

But that's OK.  I have two more on the calendar and the weather is cooler and I WILL run part of the CASA Half in December.  Maybe not a lot of it, there's not an awful lot of time to build up much distance, but I will.  I really thought about running some today, but this close to the half, I wanted to play it safe and not risk being really sore or hurt after today's walk.

I just remembered that last Sunday I took pictures during my 12 mile walk to take you guys on a walk with me via my blog.  And I totally forgot to write the post!  I will work on that this week.  Promise. 

Today was only a 6 miler... it's taper time.  It was a nice walk.  I needed the fresh air and the time alone.  It's good for the soul.  I walk along the Arkansas River Trail, different parts at times, it depends on the distance, really.  I prefer one location for shorter walks, another for the long-long walks.  I started thinking about my 37 while 37 list (which is pitifully not nearly complete and my birthday is less than 2 months away) and one of the big things on it was to walk the entire River Trail.  It's a 14 (or 17, I've seen both numbers used...) mile loop that runs through Little Rock on one side of the Arkansas River, over the Big Dam Bridge, through North Little Rock on the other side of the river and back over the Clinton Bridge.  I've gone back and forth over whether or not to actually do it, because I can't tell for sure if the whole thing is complete by the maps.  But I really, really want to do it in between my half-marathons.  I just need to do some more research.  I think I'll take a Monday off of work... Bill will be home and can come rescue me if need be and the girls will be in school.  I would walk it at a leisurely pace, not my normal race pace.

OK, enough babbling.  I need to go sew.  =)


  1. My feet get really sore before I get to 10km (almost like I have burned the soles of my feet) and a half-marathon is twice that distance. Do you have any problems with your feet, or what is a particular challenge (if anything) for you at that distance? Good luck!

    1. I had to build up to it. My very first 6 mile walk was pure torture. I've had all sorts of issues crop up... plantar fasciitis, IT band problems, controlling my blood sugar while walking for hours... it's been a constant learning process. How to stretch to keep from hurting myself, when to fuel, things like that. My first half, my biggest problem though was all mental. Lots of mental barriers that I had to break down. This time has been much easier simply because I know I can do it.



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