Thursday, October 3, 2013

Shopping spree

While we are short-staffed at work, I am getting a bonus every week.  My boss forgot to give it to me my first paycheck after all this started, so this paycheck was about $300 more than usual.  And I've pretty much spent most of it after today.  Let me show you what I got...

First was a little online shopping at  I've become super curious about essential oils and their uses, and I had run across some essential oil sprays at Frankie and Myrrh.  I thought rather than spend the money on buying a crap ton of oils, I would try out a few sprays, and see if it really did anything for me. 

I bought some Monster Masher...

It's supposed to help calm the little monsters down before bed.  It's Mandarin, which is one of my FAVORITE scents, so I was sold right there.  My yoga teacher used to use Mandarin essential oil during savasana and I would crave that smell all week long.

I also bought some Hello Sunshine...

It's a mix of Rose, Lemon, and Bergamot.  It's supposed to be a mood booster and anxiety lifter.  I debated between that and Spray The Bitch Away.  Hello Sunshine won, mainly because I'm not a big fan of Lavender.

After the girls got home, it was time to replace my worn out running shoes.  I also wanted to get a pair of shoes to wear to work, because I got into the habit of wearing my running shoes everywhere and I didn't really have anything good to wear to work.  


My running shoes are Asics Titanium and cost me about an arm and half a leg.  Ugh.  Hopefully they'll be better than my Brooks Adrenaline.  I liked them, but the guy at the store said that I only slightly over-pronate (basically walking on the inside of my feet, normal for people with low arches like me) and my Brooks had too much stabilization and actually made me under-pronate (walking on the outside of my feet).  So these should even me out better.

And then I bought some Converse at Target... I'm a sucker for Converse.  Always have been, always will be.  I looked at the canvas "Toms" type shoes and they're just not me.  I'm a Chucks girl, not that these are Chucks, they're One Stars, but they're pretty much the same thing.

Both pair are, unfortunately, men's shoes.  God, I have huge feet.  My Asics are 10.5 in men's.  The Converse are 9.5.  I wear bigger running shoes than normal shoes.  That roughly translates into 12 and 11 in women's sizes.  I could have bought girl Converse that were identical, but the men's were comfier.

Then I hit the clearance racks and bought the girls each a pair of shoes ($6 each), and six pairs of shorts for Zoe (between $2-$4 a pair), and some undershirts for the girls because Olivia and Isabelle are both approaching training bra time.  Like they both need the extra coverage, but Mom can't bring herself to actually buy a bra for her child yet, so camisoles it is.

We still need to get Bill some new work boots, and then my bonus is gone.  He always goes for cheap boots.  I thought about talking him into something more expensive because they last longer... my friend says her husband buys Redwings which are a couple hundred bucks, but last 5-6 years.  Bill usually goes through a pair or two a year.  It would be worth the investment.  

So there you have it.  =)  Have a nice night!

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