Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

This is kind of a disappointing post if you're looking for some cool costumes and lots of fun.

Over the weekend, the girls got in trouble.  They played with the fingernail polish, getting it all over the floor.  Then they refused for 2 days to clean up Isabelle's room so I could move our old bed in there.  After many, many warnings, they were grounded for the week.  No Fall Festival at school and no Trick or Treating.

I know.  I'm a mean mom.

I, of course, had to work today.  I rarely dress up for Halloween myself, but had the idea to do something this year, so I wore my Animal hat.


Everyone at work loved the hat, the patients got a kick out of it, too.  Only one other person dressed up and one person had on Halloween scrubs. 

Unfortunately, the gray band on Animal is a little tight for my head.


I looked like that for a few hours after I got off work.  I had intended on wearing it all day and night, but it was such a relief to get it off after work, I couldn't stand the idea of putting it back on.

The girls tried every thing they could think of (other than the one thing that would have worked - actually cleaning or picking up after themselves) to convince me to take them Trick or Treating.  But when you make a punishment you have to follow through.  I did let them wear their costumes and we went shopping.


They did get candy, too.  Just not bucket-fulls.  Isabelle was a flower fairy.  Zoe was a cat... it was just a dress with a cat on it and ears.  I tried to talk her into a better costume, but she loved it.  I really wanted her to be a bumblebee... she'd make an awesome Bee Girl (from Blind Melon's No Rain video).  Olivia was Skelita from Monster High (I've never seen her in an episode, but I can't say I've paid that much attention to them).  She refused to wear the tights and gloves (which made her look more like a skeleton) or the mask.  So she just had on a funky dress, pretty much.

I decided to take them to the movies and we saw Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2.  Cute movie.  Then the girls had Chik-fil-a and the night was over.

So, yeah, they didn't get to go Trick or Treating, but it's not like they had to sit at home and pass out candy watching all the other kids have fun.

While we were out, I got some yarn to work on my Sunday Run hats.  I made a list of all the hats I want to make... mostly animals, but some cartoon characters as well.  I can't wait to share, but I need to work on my turkey hats first.

I hope you had a great Halloween! 


  1. We weren't allowed to dress up for work this year (boo...come on, dressing up for halloween is the best part of being a photographer...rawr) but me and a coworker got to hand out candy for the trick or treat at the was a blast..we got to be batman and hands down, best halloween EVER. Ps, did you make the animal hat? If you did I totally envy your wicked skillz (yes, with a z, it makes you extra awesome!)



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