Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It was like Christmas!

3 more sleeps!

I am starting to get a little excited.

Today I went to pick up race packets for myself and my sister.  I had to drive all the way to Conway (45-60 minute drive depending on traffic) to get them.  =P

The packet was chock full of stuff.  Several ads for 5ks, but all in either Conway or Russellville (which is another 45 minutes from Conway).  I will drive a good distance for a half-marathon, but not a 5k.  But there was more than 5ks in the bag!

The Mississippi River Marathon.  It's February 8 and there is a half!  That's about 2-2.5 hours away. 

Run The Line Half Marathon.  It is in Texarkana and is in both Texas and Arkansas.  It's February 16 and about 3 hours (?) away.

Half-Marathon in Fabulous RussVegas.  April 26 (Isaboo's birthday) and in Russellville.  About 90 min-2 hours away. 

But that's not all!

This is the best part...

Outback in the Ozarks.  A 200 mile team relay race.'s like a Ragnar Relay!

I could increase my half-marathon from 3 a year to 6!  I'm not sure I can swing all those registration fees, and two of them are back to back weekends.  I think I may just do this RussVegas one, since it's closer.  This year anyway.  I need to set up a registration fee savings fund.  =)

But the relay race!  I showed my sister and she was excited about it, too!  There are a lot of logistics to figure out (like 10 other people to do it with us) so I don't anticipate being able to do it in 2014.  For one, there's a 36 hour time limit, which averages out to less than an 11min mile, and I'm barely hitting 15 min miles.  So pace is an issue, unless we found some super fast runners to team up with LOL.  And the registration fee is understandably steep.  But still....  so much fun to think about right now! 

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