Thursday, January 26, 2012

Big Fat Chicken

Oh my goodness, y'all.  I am freaking out.  You can tell I'm freaking out because I said "y'all" and I can't stand that word.

Two days.  Three sleeps.  And I'm off to that big boat to sail far, far away.  I could throw up already and I'm not even sloshing around on the ocean yet. (Actually, I'm hoping to not throw up at all - I don't recall ever getting motion sickness, but I have motion sickness pills just in case)

I went to the bank today to withdraw the cash I'm taking.  It's that close.  I have begun packing.  It's that close. 

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Jamaica.  Next Thursday, I will be there.  Grand Cayman the day before that and Cozumel the day before that.  So much blue and green and sand.  This is such a dream come true.

I've been checking out the excursions online.  You know, I'm going with a group of  about 20 ladies, and the majority of them want to go snorkeling in Cozumel.  Can I just share something with you?  I am claustrophobic and kind of afraid of being underwater.  Watching video shot underwater makes me hold my breath.   Just the idea of snorkeling  makes me feel panicky.  I would end up having a panic attack, sucking water into my snorkel and drowning right there with Nemo and Dory laughing at me.  It's just not happening.  Luckily, my sister doesn't care to go snorkeling either, so I won't feel bad about bailing out on that.

One of the ladies also mentioned parasailing.  Aside from the fact that I find it hard to justify paying $90 to fly in the air for 8 minutes, I don't think I could do that either.  I like the idea of it.  But I know how I am about heights.  I took the girls on the Ferris Wheel at the state fair last year and if I thought they would have stopped it to let us off, I would have been screaming to get off.  Instead I bit my tongue so the swearing I was doing wasn't as recognizable to the kids and held on so tight that I was sore the next day.  So, yeah, parasailing... I'd probably pee on myself and then someone would get a picture of that and I'd be embarrassed forever.

(I'm sure that's a visual no one needed.)

So basically, I am a big chicken and need to do stuff that keeps my feet on dry ground.

I told my sister I don't want to be a drag and she doesn't have to feel like she can't do stuff because I don't want to.  I honestly wouldn't mind exploring on my own.  Right after Bill and I got married, he got shipped off to South Korea and I managed to save up the money to fly out to see him for a week.  He still had to work, so I had to explore the area by myself.  I had fun - well, as much as you can in South Korea.  It's not exactly Disneyland. I'm sure I'll be very busy with my BFF Nikon.

I bought some yarn today for the baby blanket I'm going to work on while we are flying.  I wanted something unisex and I wasn't feeling the pastels, which is the bulk of the colors of baby yarn.  I ended up buying a really bright rainbow-colored variegated yarn.  I'm not a big fan of variegated yarn.  I think it is really tricky to find a good pattern for most of them.  And I pretty much regretted buying the yarn right away, thinking it would just be a splotchy, clowny-looking mess.  But I decided to get a head start on the blanket and I actually like it.  It should be a bright, fun blanket.  Babies like that =)  I'll try to get a picture of what I have so far before I leave out.  I may not be able to finish it on the plane, but I'll definitely have a good chunk of it done.

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