Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oh, oats...

I hate oatmeal.  I mean, I really, really want to like oatmeal.  I love how it smells.  I love eating out of bowls.  Whenever I make it for the girls I wish it didn't make me gag.  It's just so slimy and lumpy.

I'm not a Greek yogurt fan.  I like yogurt, but the Greek kind is just a little too thick and tangy.

So I find this recipe...

Oats mixed with almond milk, greek yogurt, cocoa powder, and chia seeds, then left in the fridge overnight.

And for some reason, I think... "I should try this."  My hope was that preparing the oats like this will make them less slimy.  I mean, I really do want to like oatmeal.

And the chia seeds?  I hadn't even heard of them until I saw this recipe.  Yes, these are the things you smear on the chia pets.  You can eat them.  Who knew?  Then I did a little research and they sound amazing.  Really good for you.  I was sure I'd have a hard time finding them unless I wanted to visit the hole-in-the-wall health food store.  But there they were, in the bulk bins at Kroger.  And since they were in the bulk bins, I didn't have to buy a lot... just in case.  I got about 1/2 a cup of them and it cost me $.80.   They have no taste, and if you soak them, they expand alot (haven't tried that yet) and you can make a pudding of sorts from it.  They are supposed to help keep you full (since they expand so much) and are supposed to help regulate blood sugar.

I also bought almond milk, although I'm sure you could make it with just plain old cow's milk.  But then I noticed that almond milk has far fewer carbs than regular milk, which is awesome for a diabetic like me.  I love cereal, but you add the carbs of cereal to the carbs of milk and it's just more than I need in a meal.  I had the girls taste it with me and no one thought it was gross.  It doesn't taste just like cow's milk, but it would take a little getting used to if I were to try to drink it straight.  I'm not a fan of just drinking milk anyway.

So what's the verdict of my mixing up old things that I think are gross and new things?

Well... it wasn't slimy.  I tried... I had several bites before I gave up.  I think I might have enjoyed it more with bananas, but I was pushing my carb limit as it was.  It wasn't bad, but I didn't enjoy it and why eat something you don't enjoy?

Oh, oats... you have eluded me again.  My sister has been saying I should try some steel-cut oats.  It's worth a shot... if I don't like them, I'm sure she'll take the extra off my hands.

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