Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wearing me out...

That's what this year is doing to me so far.  I'm just hoping we're getting the rough spots over now so that the rest of the year will be spectacular.  I'll make it spectacular regardless. 

My Dodo

My poor little Dodo is running a fever... with a sore throat.  Of course this has to start on the weekend.  This is her third time in less than 3 months to have what I'm sure is strep.  So, in addition to looking at the possibility of Olivia having surgery in the next few months to remove and replace the tubes in her ears, I have a sinking feeling Zoe's going to end up with a tonsillectomy before too long. 

My Livi

I'm trying to really concentrate on improving the nutrition in our house... something accelerated by that beautiful kiddo.  She's underweight, to the point that some of my friends and family have expressed concern about it.  She may also be having some growth issues, too, according to her pediatrician.  We're going to have it looked at, but hopefully it's nothing that improving her diet won't address.

Zoe's purple shrug

I finished Zoe's shrug yesterday.  She was so happy and wore it to bed.  I had to take it off of her after a while... I was hoping that's why she was feeling a bit warm.  Alas...   This one fits a little snugger than the green one because I left off the extra rows of sc around the bottom and front.  I didn't have enough yarn for that.  She's fine with the short sleeves, too, so at least the two shrugs are more different than just color.  I need to finish Isabelle's now... it's a different kind of yarn, so it will definitely have a different look to it.


Not much to say about my Isabelle right now.... except this is a good indication of her mood lately.  Quite disagreeable most of the time.  She doesn't want me to call her Izzy anymore.  I can't really refuse.  When I was little I hated being called Jenny, so I understand.  I do so love calling her Izzy though.   I have difficulty calling her by her new chosen nickname though.  Velveeta may be a beautiful name to her, but it just cracks me up.

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