Monday, January 9, 2012

Livi's Granny Shrug

I've been slowly working on granny shrugs for the girls since New Year's.  I have half of Zoe's finished, and half of Isabelle's finished.

And I just finished Olivia's.

She was picky.  She wanted the sleeves longer and she had to be able to button it.  She also wants a heart on one side and a flower on the other.  I had to draw a line somewhere.

Olivia's granny shrug

I picked the buttons because they actually go with both her shrug and Zoe's shrug.  I only have one more button, so hopefully I can convince Zoe she just needs one.  And that her sleeves are good short so I don't have to buy another skein of yarn.

Shrug buttons

I used Lion's Brand Hometown USA in Monterey Lime.  I love this yarn... it's what I used for their Easter baskets.  I am totally digging super bulky yarn lately.  When I started working on my Mater hat, I had to double check that I hadn't accidentally grabbed some sport-weight yarn because it just looked so thin compared to what I've been playing with lately.

Granny shrug

As modeled by the Dodo.... it clashed with Olivia's uniform (not that it kept her from wearing it to school today, which makes my heart happy)

I should have the other two finished soon, I think.  They can't wait. =)


  1. Ohhhh! I like your shrugs better than mine! I used the same yarn but used a P hook. What size did you use? Zoe looks so cute in the shrug! And the buttons were a good idea too. Can't wait to see them all lined up in their shrugs, your girls are so cute!

  2. That looks amazing!!!!I like the colour of the wool as well :)

  3. Tabby, I used an N hook and I crochet pretty tight.

  4. Very cute! Olivia and the shrug. :)



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