Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bon Voyage to me!

I couldn't tell you if it was the zinc or the cinnamon/honey mixture, but I'm keeping my cold at bay.  I woke up feeling better than I did when I went to bed, so that's good.  I feel kind of icky every so often, but the zinc usually brings me back to life again.  Today is my Daddy's 65th birthday and with all the stuff I had going on and this dumb cold, I couldn't go see him.  But I did call him to tell him I love him and wish him a Happy Birthday.  We'll celebrate birthdays in a few weeks.. he, my husband, and my brother-in-law all have birthdays within weeks of each other.


I'm pretty much packed except for those last minute things you can't pack until you're about to walk out the door.  I have a card tacked up on the fridge with all the info Bill should need, complete with numbers to friends who have offered to help him if he needs it and the girls' doctors and schools.  Just in case.  I feel like writing out pages of instructions, but he is fully competent of taking care of them.  I'm just nervous.  =)

I can't tell how much my luggage weighs.... our scale is all jacked up.  It says one of my bags is 17 lbs and I know it has to be more than that.  Of course, even weighing myself and then weighing myself holding the bag, it was still about 17 lbs, but that just doesn't seem right.  I'll compare it to what Isabelle weighs on it tomorrow.  She's about 50 lbs, which is the limit for the plane.

I decided to leave a little treat for the girls each day.  I put a Hug and a Kiss in a bag for each of them and put them all in a brown bag with a little note from me....

Hugs and kisses

I made sure that the one for Saturday reminded them that it's their Daddy's birthday.  I feel bad that I'll be gone for his birthday, but I figure since he forgot my 30th birthday (and 31st...) that it makes us even.  ;)  I thought about having something delivered to him for his birthday, but he's not a flower kind of guy and I don't know if he'd like one of those edible bouquets.  If only they made a edible bouquet out of beef jerky and cheese....

Well, I need to get a few more things done before trying to sleep.  I can't wait to share pictures and stories with you guys!  Have a wonderful week....


  1. I like how organised you are he he, and yeah that definitely does make you even on the birthday score :) Happy birthday to all your folks :)

  2. For future needs, you can get snacky things delivered from Tipton Hurst or other places. I'm sure they could throw in some jerkey. :)

  3. Well! I know you're having a fantastic time!!! I was popping by to tell you I tagged you in a get to know you blog game! When you're back (and bored) check it out!



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