Friday, January 6, 2012

Mater is no longer a tater

I had serious doubts that I would finish the Mater hat in time for my cousin's son's birthday party.  To the point that I almost didn't even try to finish it.  But, after making a fool out of myself Zumba-ing (privately, with the Wii... I try to avoid public humiliation), I felt like attempting to boost my seriously damaged ego (really, I can't dance.  At all.) and try to fix my Mater Potato Head.

I didn't have time to do the tire ear flaps (bummer) but that's OK.  I think it looks much more Mater-ish than it did, so I am happy.  Plus, how can you look at this and not smile...

That's more like it!

Making it 3D helped a bunch.  And fixing his teeth.

Mater hat

Happy Birthday, Grant!  (yeah, that's Zoe, not Grant.  With all the kids and fun happening, I only got a very fuzzy shot of him with it on.  He seemed to like it though.  His 5 year old brothers liked it more, I think ;) )


  1. After looking at your first photo of Mater, the way it has been finished looks really good :) I love Cars, I got Cars 2 DVD for my christmas and I enjoyed it very much!!

  2. See, I told you you could pull it off! :) It looks really cool - I bet if you put this pattern on Ravelry, you'd be an instant hit :)



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