Friday, January 6, 2012

My cozy little Kindle

Holy smokes, Batman, what a horrid week this has been.  I have two posts sitting in drafts that I've written the past few days, just pouring out everything, but I am not sure they'll ever get posted.  While I know you'd be supportive, it's all really personal and sensitive.  It's just been a very stressful and emotional week and I am hoping to be in better spirits soon.

In the meantime, while procrastinating on fixing dear Tater Mater, I made a little something.... get this... for me.  Yeah, I know.  I told you this week was off.

I bought some Bernat colorama yarn at Hancocks last week in a very rare and unexpected solo trip.  It's a super bulky yarn in the most gorgeous blue color named Raging Sea.  I had no real plans for it, just couldn't pass it by.  The girls were suggesting things I could make for them with it and I just knew what I wanted to make and I knew it wasn't for them.  I think I was feeling selfish because they've been wearing me out this week.  Wearing me out, you hear?  Dear God, I love those children, but they are killing me this week.


Here's what I made...

Kindle cozy

Kindle cozy

I need a button for the flap.  I never have any buttons.  I feel like, as a crafty person, I should have an abundance of buttons, however I have squeaked by with only buying what I need when I need it.  Shhh, don't tell the craft police on me.

It was super duper easy to make.  I just made a chain as wide as my Kindle +1, and then sc'd across and back around... then worked rows in sc until it was as tall as my Kindle.  Then added a flap.  I'm pretty sure there are about 347 tutorials on eReader sleeves so I'm not taxing my brain to write a formal pattern.  There's really not much left right now to tax.  I'm worn out, tapped out, wrung out. 

TGIF, for real.

I have a different Kindle case planned... a fancier felt version... but this took like an hour to make and will work better if I want to just toss it in my purse.  Since it's super bulky yarn, it's pretty well padded and nice and cozy.  And, you know, if my brain is more permanently fried than I hope it is, I at least have one, just in case I don't get around to making my other one.

So here's to a better next week... if I disappear, don't worry.  I'll just be taking a huggy jacket break in that pretty padded room.


  1. Aw! I'm sorry you've had a crappy week. Stay strong mama! I love your kindle cover. I've been thinking of making myself one but my bro bought me one
    of the covers with a light in it, so it might be wasted. I hope you have a better weekend!

  2. Oh I hope things pick up soon! And its ok for your children to be killing you, coz you know you will pick back up and get on :)

    I love your kindle cover, and how chunky it is...I miss chunky wool! And I also want a kindle!!

  3. I hope things are going better!!! I've felt like taking my own Padded Room Break from time to time! I love your Kindle cover. It looks nice and cozy!



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