Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I have an idea.

Today I had to take Olivia to the pediatric endocrinologist to be told that her pediatrician's office can't measure correctly.  Yeah... half relieved that she doesn't have some hormone imbalance, half irked because I'm going to have to pay for that, mostly out-of-pocket because they are out-of-network.  Oh well.  She is underweight, but that's not something an endocrinologist deals with, and I think we'll try to deal with that ourselves before seeking out more medical advice.

Anyway, I took the rest of the day off to have lunch with Miss Liv (where she hate half a slider and declared herself stuffed... =/ ) and we did a little shopping.  I hadn't been to Joann's in forever.  I haven't really sewn in forever either.  But I've been having the itch and wanted to make myself something for the cruise.


Wow, those colors are way dark in the picture.

I got some purple knit fabric and a pretty green cotton print.  They were going to go together, but I have a plan developing and the green cotton is losing purpose. 


Yes, the yarn is involved also. 

I'm hoping this works out the way it is in my head.  And that it looks good on me if it does.  I'm anxious about it... I don't work with knit much.  And I don't design for myself either. 

Fingers crossed....

Oh no... I just realized if it does work out that I have to model it.  Geez.  I hate being in front of the camera.


  1. Ooooohhh! I can't wait to see what you have planned! I have no idea what an endo... Doctor is but I'm glad Olivia is ok, minus the underweight thing.



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